Spotify Stock Price Forecast 2024: Spotify Top Shareholders

Spotify Market Cap, History, Stock Price Prediction 2024-2030

When we go back in time, we find that the music industry was exposed to the problem of piracy, and to counter this, Spotify was made in 2006. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorenzo founded Spotify as a small startup in Stockholm, Sweden. However, in 2015, Spotify's main rival, Apple Music, arrived and secured exclusive deals with artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, and Frank Ocean. If you look at the controversial side of Spotify, they are still uncountable but Spotify has something for music lovers and the shareholders. Here, we will cover Spotify as a stock and company whose shares are more important for investors than its music. Pay attention to the Spotify stock price prediction for the coming years!

Key Highlights

  • Spotify is one of the largest music streaming companies in the world, headquartered in Sweden.

  • If you take a long-term view of Spotify, it looks profitable, offering the greatest return to its investors.

  • Over the years, Spotify has grown continuously. As of January 2022, it had 456 million monthly active users and 195 million paid subscribers.

Spotify Stock History and Market Cap

As of January 2024, the market cap of Spotify is around $37.66 billion, making it the world's 490th most valuable company by market capitalisation. Since April 3rd, 2018, the market cap of Spotify Technology has increased from $26.37 billion to $36.66 billion.

If you look at the all-time high of Spotify technologies stock, it was $364.59 on February 19th 2021. If you compare the current price with its 52-week high stock price, it was $200 2.8, and its 52-week low was $88.41.

Spotify Share Price Forecast for 2024, 2025, and 2030

Spotify Stock Price Prediction 2024

If you look at the price prediction of Spotify stock, at the beginning of 2024, it started at $187.91, and now it is trading at $193.02. It shows the price has increased by 3% from the beginning of the year. If you take a positive approach to this stock, the price of Spotify by the end of 2024 will be around $289.

Spotify Stock Price Prediction 2025

At the beginning of 2025, Spotify's price is forecasted to be around $289, where the maximum price would be around $324 and the minimum could be around $276. 

Spotify Stock Price Prediction 2030

If you look at the price prediction for Spotify for 2030 and take a positive approach, we find that the price would increase to $638.65.

Spotify Buy Rating? Is Spotify a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

If you look at the buy rating of Spotify stock, 68 analysts have recommended buying, while 31 have a commented hold rating. It means Spotify is a good investment for the long term.

Who Are the Top Power Players and Shareholders of Spotify?

If you look at the stakeholders in Spotify, the majority of shares of this company are owned by its founder, Martin Lorentzon, who, as of January 3rd, 2023, owns 10.9% of its total share, while Daniel Ek owns 7.3% of the total shares. 

If you look at the largest institutional investors in Spotify, they are Baillie Gifford and Co., having a 14.5% stake in the company. The other institutional investors are T. Rowe Price, who has a 6.18% stake, and Morgan Stanley, who has a 3.66% stake. The other major institutional investor is Tencent, which owns an 8.61% stake in Spotify.

Tencent is a Chinese internet company and is one of the biggest investors in Spotify. It is the world's largest video game company and a prominent player in the music streaming industry. Tencent was first listed as an investor in Spotify in December 2017.


Spotify is one of the world's most successful music streaming companies and has attracted more than half a billion users in just a few years. It has an innovative business model offers users an ample selection of music and other audio content. Today, it is in the world's top 500 most valuable companies, making it an attractive option for investors to invest in the long term. This Spotify stock price prediction also suggests it is a worthwhile investment that will provide a profitable return to its investors.


How does Spotify make money?

Spotify is a music streaming company that earns revenue by offering its users advertising streams and paid subscription services like Spotify Premium.

Who are the current owners of Spotify?

Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon are the company's major shareholders.

What are analyst forecasts for Spotify stock?

The price forecast for Spotify suggests a target of $300 and a low price of $87; however, the median price would remain around $160.14.

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