Meta Stock Price Prediction 2024: A Beginner Investor's Guide

Meta Stock Price Forecast: Meta Stock: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

META, formerly known as Facebook, is a technology company founded in 2004 that controls several social media sites and online facilities. The stock has been on the rise in the recent past because of confident investors who pin their hopes on this company's future, and thanks to the excellent direction which they have recently performed. Let's explore meta stock price predictions for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040.

Key Highlights

  • More in the future, by 2030 and up to 2040, Meta's stock price will trend upward. 

  • As technology becomes such an essential part of everyday life and as Meta continues to develop its platforms, the firm will likely see increased numbers of users join it along with advertisers.

  • The company's strategic investments and acquisitions in these areas will likely allow it to grow further.

Meta Market Capitalization and Price History

Meta market value is one of the most valuable companies worldwide. By February 2024, Facebook and Meta Platforms were estimated to be worth 1.24 trillion USD. Based on our research, Facebook or Meta Platforms is the seventh biggest company in terms of market cap.

Several incidents affected Meta Platforms stock: 

  • 2013 Meta Platforms purchased Instagram at $ 1 billion. Meta Platforms promoted mobile advertising and users.

  • 2014 Meta Platforms purchased WhatsApp for $ 19 billion. The Meta Platforms network is very popular, with over a billion users all around the world, especially in poorer countries.

  • 2018 saw Meta Platforms rocked when Cambridge Analytica stole the data of millions of users. Meta Platforms sought to venture beyond social networking.

  • As of 23 February 2024, Meta Platforms' stock price was $486.13, and the market value stood at $1.24 trillion. In 2021, Meta Platforms' stock appreciated massively, with a growth rate of 194.13%. This was even much better than the S&P 500, which registered an increase of low as it only added. 

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Meta Price Prediction for Upcoming Years

Guessing the stock price in future is always tricky, and Meta has not been left behind. However, moving forward, there are some predictions as per current trends and market analysis.

Meta Price Prediction 2024

2024 is projected to be a year where Meta stock will continue increasing gradually. We believe in the steady rise of Meta's stock value, and estimates indicate that this valuation could hit $520 to $550 by mid-2024. We believe that Meta's long-term business scheme will be significantly influenced by its continued investments in the metaverse.

Meta Price Prediction 2025

This forecast is based on Meta's consistent ability to increase revenue and net income, as well as the quantity and frequency of app users. The cost will range from $550 to $650 in 2025.

Meta Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, we set the floor goal for Meta's stock price at USD 1,000 and suggest its potential ceiling goal to be around USD 1,200.

Meta's future investments in the metaverse will drive innovation and promote company growth, which means that this development will shape the direction of the industry. 

Meta Price Prediction 2040

Our future prediction models estimate that Meta stock will trade between 2500 dollars and $3000 in 2040. This expectation is because, through Meta's continued investments in metaverse-related sectors and the internet realms at large, metaversal transactions will become a vital aspect of its business.

Is Meta Stock a Buy, Sell or Hold?

Several factors need to be considered for an individual to decide whether they should buy, sell or hold Meta stocks. They range from the person's objectives, risk capability and the current market state. It is crucial to consult a professional financial advisor or conduct thorough research before investing.

Therefore, Meta has a range of competitive advantages that make this company potentially very attractive to plenty of investors since it is characteristically able to demonstrate strong positions in its market, constant innovations combined with the potential for steady growth. However, it is also significant to consider the risks of investing in such a way for this activity and diversify your portfolio.

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Can Meta Stock Ever Reach $1000?

Of course, it is impossible to predict Meta's exact future stock price, but reaching $1000 is within bounds. As stated above, Meta's stock demonstrates steady growth. Given the company's focus on cutting-edge technologies and its leading position in the social media sphere, one may assuredly continue to see an increasing trend.

However, it would require great dynamics of capitalization and investor sentiment to return the company's rates to at least $1000 per share. However, it is necessary to mention that various factors, like market volatility, economic conditions, or events directly related to the company, can affect stock prices.

Who Holds the Most Shares of Meta?

Meta's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, hold a 13.5% company share. As he owns super-voting shares, he still maintains sole control over the business and 61.9% of the votes.

Following the majority of stakeholders, there are notable asset managers such as Vanguard (6.9%), BlackRock (5.8%), and Fidelity (4.7%).

Meta has various shareholders, including individual private investors, company executives, and workers. Their stakes in the company are generally smaller than those of institutional investors.

What Will the Meta Share Price Be in 5 Years?

 Meta is poised for significant growth and has room to continue growing. Based on analytical forecasts, it is projected that the price of META stocks could potentially reach $550 by the end of 2024, and it is anticipated to be around $901.32 by the end of 2029.

Meta looks to take advantage of future opportunities thanks to its focus on emerging technologies, increasing user population base and ongoing innovation. This, in turn, can result in higher stock prices and much more market capitalization in the following years.


Meta, formerly the Facebook company, is a technology group with an impressive market presence and consistent growth. Its share price has been increasing steadily, which indicates the company's effectiveness, innovation and dominance in the market. Though it is difficult to predict Meta's stock price over the next few years, there will likely be continued growth. Due to the company's focus on emerging technologies, increasing user base and proficient investments in strategically chosen markets, it has drawn much attention from many investors.

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