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Apple Shares Technical Analysis and Price Prediction

Apple Inc. shares have grown over 45% from the beginning of the year 2023. This estimate comes after Apple shares made its all-time high of $198.23 per share on July 19th, 2023. After making its all-time high, Apple shares dropped over 13 percent to $171.96 per share in the next 30 days.

Why is Apple so Successful Company?

For many years straight, Apple has been the world's most valuable publicly traded corporation, with a valuation of 2.817 trillion dollars and a revenue of almost $400 billion. 
The success of Apple can be credited mainly to its innovation and ability to challenge the status quo. This is why Apple has one of the most loyal customer bases than any other company in the world. Customers can't wait to upgrade to newer devices with every new launch. Apple Inc. shares have given over 230 percent returns in the last five years. 

Apple shares started this year at $125 per share and rose to its all-time high of $198.23 per share in the next seven months, giving a staggering return of almost sixty percent in less than 200 days.

How high can Apple stock go?

According to analysts, Apple stock could go as high as $240 per share before the start of 2024. Over 55 percent of analysts recommend a 'strong buy' for Apple shares, while 40 percent recommend 'Buy' and 'hold' positions. 2 out of 45 analysts recommend selling Apple shares less than 5 percent.

Apple Shares Price Prediction 2024-

Based on analysts' reports, Apple stock could go as high as $280 per share in 2024. Since Apple shares have already corrected over 13 percent after its all-time high of $198.23 per share, there is more room for growth.

Apple Shares Price Prediction 2025-

An analyst's report shows Apple's stock price could grow over $380.25 per share. With the possibility of a global economic slowdown, especially in Europe, the United States, and China, Apple stocks could get hit by these economic downturns for a short-term period. More than 80 percent of Apple's revenue comes from the United States, Greater China, and Europe.

Apple Shares Price Prediction 2030-

According to the recent analyst's report, Apple's stock price could rise to $530 per share. Although there are talks in the market of an economic slowdown, Apple has a good balance sheet and one of the most loyal customer bases; shares of Apple could rise back up even if the stock prices go down due to the global economic crisis.

Why should You Buy the apple stock?

Apart from being the most successful publicly traded corporation in the world for many years now, Apple Inc. is one of the few companies with a customer base from the upper class of society to the middle class. Many Apple loyalists are more than willing to upgrade their devices right after launch; others follow them soon after.
Besides that, Apple has openly shared its ambitions of being involved in the health and wellness industry by using Apple watch and custom chips to process health data. Apple has also recently launched its virtual reality headset, Vision Pro, to primarily get into the gaming sector.

Is Apple stock worth the long term?

As mentioned above, Apple has been expanding into other markets while keeping the title of being the number one successfully traded company globally for over 12 years straight. 
Warren Buffet is known worldwide as a value investor and long-term investor and has invested heavily in Apple. Warren Buffet owns 5.86% of Apple stock worth over $161 billion, over 49 percent of his portfolio.

Should I hold or sell Apple stock?

A recent survey shows over 95 percent of analysts recommend buying and holding Apple shares for the long term. Selling Apple shares, like all other shares, is only a good idea when Apple shares reach a new all-time high, only to repurchase them after a minor retrace. 

Final Thoughts-

Apple Inc. is one of the very few companies with a monopoly in being the most innovative, worshipped by its customer base, and expanding its operations in many other sectors (healthcare, streaming, gaming, etc.). Apple shares provide a dividend yield of 0.53%, and Apple's profit margin has grown from 20% to over 25% in the last five years along with their revenue ($394.33 Billion). Apple Inc. is almost risk-free and a good investment for the long-term growth of your portfolio. Apple is a well-established brand, and it will be challenging to dethrone Apple anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest Apple stock has ever been?

Apple shares made its all-time high of $198.23 per share on July 19th, 2023, after its stock price grew by 2.61 percent that day.

Is Apple stock a good pick if the economy enters a recession?

In a global economic crisis, Apple stock could see a sharp fall since more than 80 percent of Apple's revenue comes from the United States, Europe, and Greater China.
Apple's Revenue Country wise,

  1. United States $147.859 Billion (37.5%)
  2. Europe  $ 95.118 Billion (24.12%)
  3. Greater China $74.20   
  4. Billion (18.82%)
  5. Japan $25.977 Billion (6.59%)

The rest of 12.97 percent of Apple's revenue comes from Central and South America and the rest of the Asia Pacific.

How much will Apple stock cost in 10 years?

Many analysts anticipate the price of Apple shares to go as high as $610 per share. This is mainly due to Apple not being a tech company, as Apple has shared its ambitions about getting into the healthcare sector by creating custom chips to process health and wellness sensors with the help of the Apple watch.

What will Apple stock be worth in 2050?

Apple's stock price could go as high as $ 1,500 per share before 2050. Apple has already expanded its market and launched new products. However, Apple will most likely split its shares before it crosses $ 1,000 per share.

Why not buy Apple stock?

Many critics have pointed out that after Steve Jobs' passing, Apple does not have the same innovative spirit, and it's still using its brand name to drive more sales to loyalists, impressed with Steve Jobs' Charisma and innovation. Although Apple still has over 48% market share of smartphones in the United States, Samsung has been competing increasingly with its famous line of Galaxy smartphones.

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