Walmart Plus: Walmart+ Membership Cancelation Complete Guide

Walmart Plus Benefits: How to Cancel Walmart Plus Membership?

Walmart Plus is a membership program to revolutionize the way you shop. It gives you unmatched benefits and features to save a lot while shopping. With unlimited perks, Walmart Plus membership lets you save a lot on fuel, which makes your trip more cost-effective. Mobile scans make shopping more accessible as you don't need to stand in line. Suitable for those in a hurry!

Buckle down to unleash the Walmart+ membership cost and Walmart + benefits.

Walmart Plus is a special membership program offered by Walmart to provide a bunch of benefits to make your shopping experience memorable. With Walmart Plus, you get unique benefits that help save not only your money but also your time and make your shopping easy.

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What is Walmart Plus? 

Walmart Plus is a membership program specially designed for those who love shopping at Walmart. It is the same as your Amazon Prime and My Best Buy subscription service. When you subscribe to Walmart Plus, you are offered online benefits like unlimited free delivery and fuel discounts. Walmart Plus members also receive more early access during shopping events than others. If you are a Walmart + member, don't forget to buy on the cheap!

  • Walmart offers benefits like free delivery and shipping, discounted gas, and contact-free checkouts.

  • Subscribers get early access to limited-time offers with other companies and services.

  • Walmart offers monthly and yearly plans. You can opt to pay monthly $12.95 or $98 all at once for an annual plan.

  • Walmart also offers discounted rates of $6.47 per month or $49 per year to students and for qualified government assistance through SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, SSI, NSLP, etc.

How Much Is Walmart Plus Membership Per Month?

Like any other subscription service, Walmart Plus offers monthly and yearly plans. All you need is to choose a plan that suits your needs. You need to pay $12.95 for a monthly plan and $98 all at once for a yearly plan. If you are a frequent buyer from Walmart, you may prefer using the annual plan, as you save $57 over the month-to-month plan.

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What Are the Benefits of Being a Walmart Plus Member?

Walmart Plus membership comes with exclusive deals and fantastic benefits. Here is the list of Walmart's plus benefits.

Early Bird Advantage: As a member, you can access special promotions and events that non-subscribers do not. All you need is to sign on at the right time to grab the most discounted must-have items that may be in short supply. However, these benefits are not available for those on a 30-day free trial.

Free Delivery: Walmart customers in retailers' delivery zones can get groceries and other delivered items for free at their homes. Non-Walmart Plus members pay a delivery fee ranging between $7.95 and $9.95. Those with a Walmart Plus membership get free delivery on orders above $35 and pay a $6.99 fee for orders under $35.

Free Shipping: Walmart offers 2-day shipping on orders of $35 or more for all customers. Walmart plus member benefits as there is no minimum of $35. However, free shipping does not cover third-party sellers, oversized items, and freight orders.

Return From Home: If you want to return an item you don't need or mistakingly purchased, then Walmart Plus members benefit from the return from home option. Walmart will come and pick up your item. However, this benefit is limited only to specific locations and purchases.

Fuel Discount: Walmart plus member benefits as they get discounts on gas at Exxon, Mobil, Walmart Murphy's, and Sam's Club station. You get to save up to $ 0.10 per gallon.

Paramount+ Membership: You can even sign up for a free Paramount Plus essential plan. You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. The cost of a monthly plan is $5.99, while the price of a yearly plan is $59.99. The essential plan has ads, but you can upgrade to the ad-free Paramount Plus for an ad-free experience.

Ad-Free Pluto TV: Walmart+ also gives you live TV streaming service Pluto TV. Here, you get six ad-free, on-demand TV series every month. However, these exclusive benefits are only available to subscribers who signed in to a Pluto TV account through a Walmart Plus member portal link.

Free Flat Tire Repairs: Walmart+ members also get free repair and road hazard warranties. You only need to purchase your tires from Walmart and install them at an auto care center. Without Walmart +membership, Walmart will charge you $15 to fix a flat tire and $10 per tire for the warranty.

Walmart+ Travel: Walmart Plus members also get benefits and access to Walmart Plus travel. It is an exclusive travel deal page powered by Expedia. You get 5% loyalty points on hotel bookings, vacations, and car rentals and 2 percent on air travel.

Contactless checkout: With the scan-and-go option, you can access contactless checkouts. You need to connect your cart to Walmart Pay in the store's mobile application, scan your items as you shop, and self-checkout by scanning a QR code.

Unlock exclusive perks with Walmart Plus membership - save on groceries, get speedy delivery, and enjoy member-only deals!

Walmart+Membership Benefits

How Do I Cancel My Walmart Plus Membership?

Walmart offers numerous benefits and discounts to its Walmart Plus subscribers. However, you might want to give it a break or try another retail store and end your Walmart Plus membership. Following the steps below, you can easily cancel your Walmart Plus membership.

1- Log in to your Walmart account.

2- Click Walmart Plus in the left panel.

3- Click manage membership at the top.

4- You can see the cancel Walmart Plus on your screen.

5- Give feedback and cancel our membership.

Final Words

Walmart Plus is an efficient way for shoppers to save time and money. It offers exclusive benefits and deals to its members. From free delivery to discounts on fuel, it is an excellent way to shop and make your shopping experience memorable. However, it is also essential to understand that Walmart Plus membership is only beneficial for those who are loyal Walmart shoppers and frequently visit Walmart to make their purchases.

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