Easily Check Your PF Balance on Mobile with or Without UAN Number

Checking Your Provident Fund Balance on Mobile Without UAN Number

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a well-liked retirement savings program in India that everyone should consider including in their financial strategy. Learn the ins and outs of EPF, access your PF balance online, and safeguard your investments with the help of this comprehensive guide.

Key Highlights

  • EPFO slashes interest rates to a historic low of 8.1% in March 2022.

  • No internet? Just give a missed call from your phone to 011-22901406 to check your EPF balance.

  • Discover the Umang App, your PF balance's efficient companion.

The EPF: What You Need to Know

The EPF, PF, or Employee Provident Fund, is a retirement savings program open to salaried workers in India. The central government subsidizes it. Every month, some of your paychecks will be deposited here. It then earns a fixed amount of extra money called interest. The EPFO manages this fund as a retirement safety net.

Prepare for the upcoming fiscal year (2023-2024) because the interest rate has been set at an appealing 8.15 percent! This happened because EPFO reduced its interest rate to the lowest in 40 years, going from 8.5% to 8.1% in March 2022.

Before we dive into how to check your PF balance, ensure that your employer has activated your Universal Account Number (UAN). A unique identifier for all EPF-enrolled employees, the UAN simplifies the process of fund management and balance checks.

Easy Ways to Check Your PF Balance

There are different ways to check your PF balance. The following are the most common methods to make the process seamless.

Through the EPFO Portal

You can check your PF balance through the following steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official EPFO website- www.epfindia.gov.in.

  • Click on the 'For Employees' tab under 'Our Services.'

  • Under 'Services', select 'Member passbook.'

  • Use your UAN and password to log in.

  • When you log in, you can access your EPF account and check your balance.

By Giving a Missed Call

If you don't have an internet connection nearby, you can check your EPF balance by sending a missed call from your mobile phone to 011-22901406 (Your mobile number should be registered). This service is only available if your UAN is synced with your KYC details.

By Sending an SMS

You may send an SMS to inquire about your PF balance. Send the SMS "EPFOHO UAN" to 7738299899 using the phone number you have on file. Details on your PF balance will be sent to you through SMS.

Via Umang App

The Umang App is another efficient way to check your PF balance. The following steps will guide you:

  • First, download the Umang App from the Play Store or App Store.

  • Select EPFO after opening the app.

  • Select 'View Passbook' from 'Employee Centric Services.'

  • After entering your UAN, select "Get OTP" to have the OTP sent to the registered phone number.

  • Post OTP verification, select the member ID of the company for which you want to verify the EPF balance.

  • Your passbook will be displayed along with the EPF balance.

"Keeping track of your EPF balance can help you to plan your financial future efficiently — the power is at your fingertips."

Final Thoughts

Now we know how to check PF balance & it has never been easier. Remember to maintain an active account and keep your credentials handy to ensure a smooth process. 

Whether you prefer the traditional web portal method, the convenience of an SMS, a simple missed call, or the handy mobile app, pick the method that best suits your needs. Your retirement savings account will be easier to monitor if you make frequent balance checks part of your financial routine. This will help you ensure a safe and enjoyable retirement.

Understanding how to monitor your savings, whether you have already begun your EPF journey or not, is crucial. Remember, the first step towards financial security is being informed!

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24 Nov, 2023


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