Top 10 Finance Podcasts for Optimal Listening Experience

Top 10 Must-Listen Finance Podcasts for Financial Success

In the digital age, podcasts are popular for learning and enjoyment. Podcasts offer a plethora of personal finance information to help you succeed. We'll discuss the top ten personal finance podcasts, their advantages, and their insights.

1. "The Dave Ramsey Show"

This podcast is hosted by a financial expert named Dave Ramsey. It provides simple advice on how to handle your finances, resolve debt, and generate wealth. This podcast helps you handle your funds accurately. Ramsey's relatively simple style and stories of people who have succeeded in real life make it a must-listen.

Advantage: Ramsey's clear advice emphasizes living within their means and doing financial planning.

2. "Afford Anything"

Paula Pant hosts a show called "Afford Anything," where she talks about how to become financially independent and gain freedom by making wise choices with money. Pant talks to many people and shares their thoughts on real estate, side jobs, and investing.

Advantage: This podcast challenges common thinking and inspires listeners to make purposeful financial decisions.

3. "Money For The Rest Of Us"

Mr. David Stein is a leading financial strategist and money manager. He explains every aspect of managing finances, including how to live without worry, make smart investments, and use money as a source of income. David gives clear and simple advice so that anyone can follow it.  

Advantage: This podcast offers a supportive community of like-minded individuals pursuing financial independence, providing motivation and inspiration along the journey.

4. "Planet Money"

Launched in 2008, Planet Money is a personal finance podcast. This program was introduced as a reaction to the global financial crisis. It gave the general public an explanation of the economy and methods for understanding financial and economic concepts. 

Advantage: This podcast provides in-depth insights into global financial problems.

5. "Women and Money"

For nearly 40 years, Suze Orman has taught audiences that money cannot solve financial problems. She empowers people to take charge of their destiny by encouraging them to look within. She views money as a means to a happy and meaningful life rather than the ultimate aim.

Advantage: This podcast teaches you how to make decisions that can help you achieve financial success.

6. "So Money with Farnoosh Torabi"

Hosted by financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, "So Money" features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, authors, and influencers. Torabi explores their money journeys and shares valuable insights on saving, investing, and building wealth.

Advantage: This podcast offers a unique blend of personal stories and practical advice, making it relatable and inspiring for listeners seeking financial success.

7. "The Money Guy Show"

Hosted by Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, "The Money Guy Show" aims to demystify complex financial concepts and provide actionable advice. From retirement planning to tax strategies, this podcast offers practical insights for individuals at any stage of their financial journey.

Advantage: The hosts' expertise and ability to simplify complex financial topics make this podcast accessible to listeners with varying levels of financial knowledge.

8. "The Clark Howard Podcast"

Consumer advocate Clark Howard shares money-saving tips and advice on "The Clark Howard Podcast." Howard helps listeners make smart financial decisions by focusing on budgeting and how you can stay away from scams.

Advantage: This podcast is especially helpful for people on a limited budget because it gives listeners useful advice on saving money and avoiding financial traps.

9. "Stacking Benjamins"

Hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and his team, "Stacking Benjamins" offers a unique blend of personal finance news, interviews, and entertainment. The podcast discusses different topics, including financial psychology, entrepreneurship, budgeting, and investing.

Advantage: This podcast's entertaining format and diverse content make it an engaging and enjoyable way to learn about personal finance.

10. "The BiggerPockets Money Podcast"

Hosted by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench, "The BiggerPockets Money Podcast" focuses on achieving financial independence through real estate investing. The hosts interview guests who share their experiences and insights on building wealth through real estate.

Advantage: This podcast provides a wealth of knowledge and strategies for those interested in leveraging real estate as a path to financial freedom.


These 10 best personal finance podcasts give valuable tips for improving your financial situation. These podcasts inspire and instruct budgeters, investors, entrepreneurs, and financial independence seekers. Add these podcasts to your routine to learn and motivate yourself to make smart financial decisions and reach your goals. So, put on your headphones and listen to these podcasts right now!

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17 Oct, 2023


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