Who are the biggest shareholders of amazon now

Top Amazon Shareholders: Who Owns the Most After Recent Dump?

Amazon is a quite famous and popular e-commerce site. Today, People find it convenient and reliable to shop for anything from Amazon at a very reasonable price. Given its core services advantage, excellent investor sentiment, and innovative executives like founder Jeff Bezos and CEO Andy Jassy, it's little wonder this is one of the world's most valuable corporations. In today's article, we will uncover answers on Jeff Bezos's Net Worth and Who owns Amazon shares. 

Key Highlights

  1. Jeff Bezos holds the majority of Amazon, owning 9.5% of the company.
  2. BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors are among the influential stockholders.
  3. Despite Amazon's stock dip, Jeff Bezos remains one of the world's richest.
  4. In November 2023, his estimated net worth was $170 billion.

Who owns the most shares of Amazon? 

  1. Jeff Bezos holds the largest portion of Amazon's stock. Bezos remains the Amazon.com boss. However, due to his divorce and subsequent stock sales, ETF and mutual fund businesses are becoming increasingly significant in the company's ownership ranks. The founder of Amazon and executive chair of the board is Jeff Bezos. 

  2. Currently, Vanguard Group is the company's second-largest stakeholder. The enormous ETF firm owns over 758 million shares, which is 7.3% of all the currently outstanding shares. According to ETF.com, just the Vanguard 500 Index ETF (VOO) has more than 81 million shares of Amazon.com.

  3. Next are State Street Global Advisors, the operator of SPDRs, and BlackRock (BLK), the operator of iShares. One shareholder possesses 332.4 million Amazon.com shares, while another has 613.4 million. SPY holds the most Amazon.com stock of any ETF, 103 million shares. BlackRock's iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV) is the second-largest stockholder, with roughly 88 million shares.

Why Amazon Stock Is Falling? 

Over the last year, the price of Amazon's shares has dropped by 31.19%, behind the 16.27% decline of the Nasdaq-100 over the same period. Nearly every major online player saw a decline in fortunes in 2022, with Amazon—the biggest eCommerce company—suffering the most. Amazon's market cap fell $670 billion in 2022 due to a 45% yearly stock price drop.

  1. Bezos left Amazon at $1.7 trillion, almost its peak valuation. Since Andy Jassy became CEO, AMZN's market value has fallen with the market. Its market cap was less than half its $955 billion peak at transfer. Technology firm share prices and the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 have fallen due to stock valuations. The values fluctuate along with the underlying characteristics; Amazon is a prime example.

  2. Concerns about macroeconomic conditions, high interest rates, and inflation are impeding the development potential of IT enterprises. Rather than being primarily valued on current performance, IT businesses are often valued primarily on predicted future earnings. The price of Amazon's shares is declining as the company's future appears dismal.

  3. The massive e-commerce company is fighting to maintain control over its fast expansion, growing costs, and a fall in customer spending. Due to the company's poor financial results, its stock price fell throughout 2022, wiping off about $500 billion in market value.

  4. YCharts valued Amazon's shares at $1.65 trillion in January. This sum dipped to $1.41 trillion in March, rose to $1.61 trillion in April, and fell to $1 trillion in July. But degeneration was beginning.

  5. According to data, Amazon's shares reached $1.45 trillion in August before falling to $878 billion three months later. The internet titan was worth $902 billion at year's end. Amazon's shares reached a staggering $981 billion last week, but their market value remains 45% lower than a year ago.

Tech titans Apple and Microsoft thrive, yet investors hesitate to invest in IT stocks due to doubts about their future growth potential. According to statistics, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet saw fewer stock value reductions than Amazon or Meta. Out of the Big Five, only Meta Platforms lost more shares; Amazon lost 45% YoY. Meta's stock value fell 60% annually from $872 billion to $355 billion in 2022, according to YCharts.

Why did Jeff Bezos sell Amazon stocks, and how many shares? 

Amazon shareholder Jeff Bezos is expected to sell more shares "aggressively". According to reports, Bezos may sell 8–10 million shares, valued at over $1 billion. Amazon fell 1.5%. As per financial filings, Bezos sold approximately $240 million in Amazon shares last week. The complaint claimed the transactions were charity gifts.

Whom Bezos gave the shares needs to be clarified. A request for Bezos's spokesman comment was delayed. According to Bloomberg, with a net worth of $170 billion, Bezos is the third wealthiest man in the world. He holds 988 million Amazon shares, 10% of the corporation.

After leaving Amazon as CEO in 2021, Bezos expanded his charitable donations and said he would donate most of his fortune. After Maui's devastating wildfires in August, Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez pledged $100 million to recovery efforts. Bezos founded the $10 billion Earth Fund in 2020 to combat climate change and sells at least $1 billion of Amazon shares annually to fund Blue Origin, his fast-growing company.

Alexis Sanchez, Amazon's executive chairman and founder, said earlier this month that he would move from Seattle to Miami to be closer to his parents, Blue Origin, and the firm.

How Many Shares of Amazon Does Jeff Bezos Own Now? 

Jeff Bezos, an entrepreneur, is liquidating some of his shares in Amazon.com (AMZN). A large stake in the S&P 500 remains with him.

Based on information from S&P Global Market Intelligence and MarketSmith, as of Nov. 16, the billionaire revealed selling more than 2.2 million shares on Amazon.com. Surprisingly, he still possesses 988.3 million shares worth over $144.9 billion.

What does this signify for the ownership of the business? Bezos still holds 9.6% of the business even after selling millions of shares and giving them to his ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott. As a result, he is now the top shareholder.

These details highlight Bezos' significant contribution to the crucial S&P 500 firm beyond his position as executive chairman. Andrew Jassy, the CEO of Amazon.com, hardly makes the top 300 biggest stockholders with just 2.1 million shares.

Jeff Bezos Networth after the Amazon Shares Dump? 

Jeff Bezos is iconic in media coverage, making investments, and finance. He has a wealth of experience running the company, having served as president, CEO, and executive chairman before becoming Amazon's genius. 

  • Quite rightly, it's the e-commerce and cloud computing giant. Bezos ruled as the planet's richest individual from 2017 to 2021. He amassed a fortune of over $170 billion by November 2023. Currently, he holds the title of the 3rd richest person worldwide.
  • Amazon shareholders percentage
  • The following is the percentage of Amazon shareholders:
    • Bezos, Jeffrey P: 9.5%    
    • Vanguard Group: 7.3%
    • BlackRock: 5.9%
    • State Street Global Advisors: 3.2%
    • FMR: 2.7%
    • Scott, MacKenzie: 2.5    %
    • T. Rowe Price Group: 2.1%
    • Geode Capital Management: 1.7%
    • Capital Research and Management: 1.3%
    • JP Morgan Asset Management: 1.1%

Final Words

So there you have it - now you know who owns the most shares of Amazon and Jeff Bezos's net worth! Amazon remains a prominent e-commerce corporation despite its troubles. AWS, Amazon's cloud computing division, is profitable and growing fast. Over 200 million Prime subscribers give Amazon consistent revenue and a loyal client base.

Amazon's capacity to overcome current challenges and regain growth momentum as it navigates the digital business will be closely watched by investors. Due to its strong core and imaginative spirit, Amazon can weather the storm and emerge stronger.


How many shares of Amazon does Jeff Bezos own now?

Despite recent sales, Jeff Bezos still owns a sizable portion of Amazon, with 988.3 million shares valued at approximately $144.9 billion.

What is Jeff Bezos' net worth after the Amazon shares dump?

Jeff Bezos's net worth is still high, surpassing $170 billion even after the stock sales, making him one of the richest people in the world.

What percentage of Amazon stock does Jeff Bezos own after the recent sales?

Jeff Bezos owns the most Amazon shares. After Amazon dumped shares, he held 9.6% of Amazon stock.

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