what ai stocks to buy if you missed nvidia stock

Top AI Stocks to Buy that Could be Next Nvidia- Goldman Sachs

The stock market has been booming this year, mainly due to the rise of AI and AI Stocks. NVIDIA has been the investors' top choice, and NVIDIA stock has more than doubled since the beginning of this year. NVIDIA stock made an all-time high recently of $480.88 per share, which is huge since the stock price at the beginning of this year was $143.15 per share.

Is it too late to invest in Nvidia?

NVIDIA, even after being up more than 200 percent since the beginning of this year and at a near all-time high, is still recommended as a "strong buy" by analysts. 1 out of 50 analysts recommended 'sell,' and the rest of the 49 analysts strongly recommended buying and holding. 

98 percent of analysts still strongly recommend buying and holding NVIDIA shares.

How much will NVidia stock be worth in 2024?

Based on the latest analyst's report, NVidia stock is predicted to grow to $980.34 (112%) by 2024.

But What if you missed out on the NVIDIA rally?

However, if you missed out on the massive gains in the AI race, NVIDIA is one of many AI stocks available in the market, and the race has just begun. In the AI stock lists, NVIDIA is in the enabler category, and NVidia's share price has risen due to the interests of many investors to gain early movers' advantage in this race of artificial intelligence.

Which are the best AI stocks to buy?

If you have missed out on the NVIDIA rally, you are not alone. As mentioned above, NVIDIA is an enabler stock. If you missed out on the early movers' advantage, you could gain high returns if you bet on those stocks that will help hyper-scale AI to another level, Hyperscalers. In this category, you have big cloud computing giants such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft and platforms that will use AI most while empowering their users (Such as Meta platforms, Adobe, Salesforce, Intuit, etc.).

How do we invest in AI for the future?

In a recent report by Goldman Sachs, it is expected that between 2025 and 2030, AI technologies will be unstoppable and begin to take hold within many organizations. We will notice its impact on the macroeconomies once the adoption takes hold.

The estimated AI-driven earnings boost is likely to occur over the next few years but should be reflected in stock valuations sooner; the broader, longer-term benefit from AI adoption will accrue to companies as they harness AI to improve productivity, leading to greater revenues, higher margins, or a combination of both.- Goldman Sachs

TOP 10 AI companies to invest in for the future By Goldman Sachs

According to Goldman Sachs's recent note, another long-term AI trade will be had in the stock market. Here's a list of the top 10 AI stocks to invest in for the future to gain early movers' advantage in trad after the trade action.

1- Guidewire Software; Potential upside from AI: 388%

Guidewire Software 

2- Clarivate; Potential Upside from AI: 232%

3-  Alteryx; Potential Upside from AI: 203%

4- MongoDB; Potential Upside from AI: 193%

5- Nutanix; Potential Upside from AI: 177%


6- Smartsheet; Potential Upside from AI: 171%


7-Pinterest; Potential Upside from AI: 162%


8-Snowflake; Potential Upside from AI: 154%


9-Robert Half; Potential Upside from AI: 150%

Robert Half

10- Tenet Healthcare; Potential Upside from AI: 135%

Tenet Healthcare

Final Words:

So these are the top 10 AI stocks to buy after the Nvidia hike, which is suggested by one of the best investors, Goldman Sachs, But we will also suggest you do your market research to avoid any kind of loss.

Win Harrison 25 Aug, 2023


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