who is steve cohen and how he made his money

Steve Cohen's Net Worth, Business and Financial Sucess

Steve Cohen's 19.8 billion USD net wealth by 2023 is astonishing. It's alright for a 1970s penny stock dealer. Cohen is good at stock picking and business startups. Cohen has long made significant investments in stocks with high risk and great returns. He survived losses and a two-year insider trading scandal that shut down his fund. How did Cohen build such an immense fortune? Here are his crucial steps to becoming a millionaire Wall Street titan.

Key Highlights

  1. Cohen made his wealth by investing early and repeatedly in breakthrough digital businesses with exponential growth potential.

  2. Cohen has generated long-term profits that exceed the market by investing in Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Alibaba. 

  3. It has paid off because he was creative and foresighted about IT trends.

Who Is Steve Cohen?

Steve Cohen is the billionaire hedge fund tycoon who owns Point72 Asset Management. Cohen was reared in Long Island by his conventional, hardworking parents after being born in the 1950s. Equipped with a degree in economics from the esteemed University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, he entered the fascinating realm of hedge funds in 1978.

Cohen founded the hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors in 1992. He transformed SAC into a formidable enterprise, producing yearly profits of 30% for two decades. SAC possessed an incredible $14 billion at its height. Due to his aggressive trading style, Cohen became known as "The Hedge Fund King."

The greatest settlement in American history was reached in 2013 when SAC acknowledged culpability for insider trading and paid an astounding $1.8 billion in fines. Under the terms of the agreement, Cohen could not manage outside funds until 2018. Cohen turned SAC into Point72, a private investment corporation that controls his $30.6 billion fortune.

Cohen has houses, private jets, and a large art collection. He also owns Mets baseball shares. A poker enthusiast, Cohen plays high-stakes games. His unconventional and aggressive techniques have produced good returns for decades, making him a hedge fund icon. Cohen changed Wall Street for better or worse.

His Career- 

1-    Gruntal & Co.

After graduating from Wharton Business School, Steve worked in the options category at Gruntal & Co. on Wall Street in 1978. He achieved a profit of $8000 on his first day on the job, which was a massive amount at the time, and he will soon go on to make up to 100,000 a day and gets promoted to manage a trading group portfolio of $75 Million at Gruntal & Co. 
Steve Cohen worked at Gruntal & Co. for 14 years until he started SAC Capital Advisors.

2-    SAC Capital Advisors

After 14 years of Learning and experience, Steve Cohen started his own company in 1992, with $10 Million of his money & $10 Million from outside investor funds, using connections from his last job. By 2009, in the next 17 years, the same firm managed a massive $14 Billion in equity.

3-    Point72 Ventures 

Steve Cohen oversees Point72 Asset Control, a $27 billion hedge fund firm that began dealing with out of doors capital in 2018 after a settlement with the SEC (Securities and exchange board).

It will be right to point out that while Steve Cohen worked with three companies in the past (including two of his own), he has been alleged of Racketeering and Insider trading charges by the SEC. Steve Cohen has never been criminally charged, but his firm SAC Capital has paid over $1.8 Billion in record-breaking fines, pleading guilty to Insider trading charges in 2013. He was also not allowed to take outside money into his firm to handle investments; however, he was allowed to manage his own money, which was a massive $10 Billion.

What is the net worth of Steve Cohen?

Steve Cohen has amassed immense riches. His net worth is currently valued at $30.6 billion US dollars. How did he build this fortune? Cohen dived into day trading during the groovy late 70s. In '92, he birthed SAC Capital Advisors, a hedge fund. Cohen's SAC: Two decades of consistent returns, always above 30%. Cohen's talent commanded high fees and lucrative profit shares. At its peak, SAC boasted a whopping $14 billion in assets and a workforce of 1,000 talented individuals.

SAC confessed to insider trading, coughing up a hefty $1.8 billion in 2013. Cohen could not manage outside funds until 2018. Instead of closing SAC, Cohen turned it into Point72, a private investment corporation that handles his and a few colleagues' fortunes.

Cohen's investment skills are unmatched, notwithstanding the insider trading incident. His company uses modern data analysis and computers to get a commercial "edge". Cohen is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of companies and uncanny ability to predict stock price moves.

Cohen built a large nest egg from SAC's golden days and Point72's double-digit returns. He has houses, boats, and a $1 billion art collection, including Picasso, Monet, and Warhol works. Cohen enjoys life at the top. His vast fortune and excessive spending define the "hedge fund king."

How did Steve Cohen get so rich?

In '92, Steve Cohen birthed SAC Capital Advisors, a hedge firm. Cohen amassed a fortune through years of delivering remarkable profits to investors.

  1. Founding SAC Capital and Generating Massive Returns: With $25 million, Cohen founded SAC Capital, which he developed into a $14 billion hedge fund. For 20 years, his company produced average yearly returns of 30%, earning him a reputation for exceptionally high profits. Cohen became well-known for being a skilled stock selector and trader with a knack for spotting cheap firms. Cohen's enormous wealth was made possible by the hefty fees SAC Capital paid investors—typically 50% of earnings.

  2. Legal Troubles and Rebranding as Point72: SAC Capital pled guilty to insider trading 2013 and paid $1.8 billion. Cohen was banned from handling outside funds for two years. He relaunched his firm as Point72 Asset Management, managing mostly his fortune and some employee money. Despite the legal issues, Cohen's personal net worth continued climbing thanks to profits from Point72 and his valuable art collection.

  3. Real Estate: Steve Cohen has a $150 million Manhattan apartment. His $62 million Greenwich, Connecticut property is equally stunning. Can you believe it? He ultimately bought the Mets in 2020, so I assume that was his year. Yup, the whole baseball team. And it only cost him a cool $2 Billion! But it seems like the investment paid off because his net worth is now even higher. Owning the Mets treats Cohen well, at least financially. Man, what I wouldn't do to have just a fraction of wealth like that. The guy is loaded!

How much does Steve Cohen make in a year?

According to one estimate, Cohen, a 67-year-old hedge fund manager, makes about $ 2 billion-plus in annual income plus salary. Steven Cohen makes about $150 Million each month and has a net worth of about $17.5 Billion as of the latest data.

What should you learn from Steve Cohen?

  • Steve Cohen came from a middle-class family and is the 100th richest person in the world today because of the risks he took in his career. We should not fear taking risks like Steven A. Cohen, especially at the start of our careers. 

  • While there are things that we should learn from Steve Cohen, that we should follow the rules and refrain from any insider trading or illegal business activities, we should make our fortune while being law-abiding citizens.

What are his investment rules?

Cohen became known for his particularly hit and competitive buying and selling fashion, regularly taking huge and volatile positions. While he could generate exceptional returns for his buyers, this strategy might only work for some. Cohen is also regarded for introducing a new trading strategy called “portfolio coverage.”

Is Steve Cohen a billionaire?

So, is Steve Cohen officially a billionaire? Cohen must be doing really well for himself! With over 30 billion dollars for 2023, he's officially cracked into the top 1% of richest folks worldwide. 

hit his stride and quickly made a name for himself. That' was in 1992 when his hedge fund, SAC Capital Advisors, took off and found a ton of success. Equity trader SAC Capital employed short selling to find expensive equities. Cohen made SAC Capital one of the most successful hedge funds in history with its exceptional profits.

SAC Capital formerly had $15 billion in assets and 800 employees. Cohen received a share of the fund's revenues as manager, frequently over USD 1 billion yearly. Cohen made billions with SAC Capital for 20 years.

SAC Capital ended its winning streak in 2013 when it pled guilty to insider trading and paid $1.8 billion, the biggest penalty ever. Following the settlement, SAC Capital stopped managing outside investors' money, and Cohen could not manage outside funds until 2018.

Instead of retiring, Cohen launched Point72 Asset Management, a family business that manages his multibillion-dollar holdings. Cohen's riches expand through Point72's investments, art collection, real estate holdings, and Mets ownership despite its low profile.

Steve Cohen is a Wall Street millionaire; love him or loathe him. Cohen earned an inconceivable wealth and changed the hedge fund industry through ambition, entrepreneurial ability, and luck. Cohen is forever known as the "Hedge Fund King, " for better or worse.

What shares does Steve Cohen own?

Successful hedge fund manager Steve Cohen holds multiple company shares. Cohen's portfolio includes several big firms and stocks.

1. Amazon

Cohen is optimistic about Amazon's expansion. His company has almost $3 billion in Amazon stock, about 1 million shares. Cohen and his business have profited from Amazon's stock price rise as it dominates e-commerce and cloud services.

2. Facebook

Cohen has invested in Facebook for years and owns 2.5 million shares worth $850 million. Facebook is the largest social network with billions of members, despite public problems. Cohen thinks Facebook will keep growing through acquisitions, new products, and worldwide expansion.

3. Netflix

Cohen has profited greatly from his 2012 Netflix investment. His company has 3.7 million Netflix shares worth $2 billion. Netflix changed how people watch entertainment and has space to grow as it grows abroad and publishes more original programming.

4. Alibaba

Cohen invests well in creative IT firms, especially worldwide ones. His business has 2.5 million Alibaba shares valued at around $700 million. Alibaba handles more e-commerce transactions than anybody else and is growing into cloud services, streaming video, and more. Cohen expects this Asian tech giant to grow for decades.


So there you have it, the story of how Steve Cohen built his massive $15.9 billion fortune through skill, instinct, and opportunity. His early years trading equities taught him to detect trends and take risks that paid off, and SAC Capital offered him a stage to use those abilities. Though he's had his share of defeats and legal issues, his tireless pursuit of the next big score and ability to learn from his mistakes have maintained him at the top of the hedge fund game. Cohen's experience teaches us that success leaves hints, so study the methods of wealthy people and don't be afraid to take chances if you want to develop your financial empire. Those with drive and persistence can discover opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Steve Cohen make a year?

Steve Cohen is ranked in the top 100 richest people on the planet. Steve Cohen’s Net worth changed by about $100 Million only but in the last 5 years, Steve Cohen has made approx. $1 Billion annually. 

How rich is Steve Cohen of the Mets?

Steve Cohen has a  net worth of $17.5 Billion. He is ranked the 96th richest person in the Forbes list of Billionaires.

What was Steve Cohen's strategy?

Steve Cohen is famous for taking aggressive and successful long positions on undervalued stocks and selling overvalued securities. Many investors call this a very risky trading strategy. Still, it has worked very well for Steve Cohen, who is also credited with a new type of trading style called “Portfolio Insurance.”

What does Steve Cohen do now?

Steve Cohen is an investment adviser and owns a Point 72 Asset Management hedge fund company. Point 72 manages funds worth $27.2 Billion. The company before Point 72 was SAC Capital Advisors, which pleaded guilty to insider trading and paid a hefty $1.2 Billion in penalties in addition to the already paid fine of $616 million to the Securities and Exchange Board.

What does Point 72 do? 

Point 72 Asset Management is a hedge fund founded by Steven Cohen, managing around $27.2 Billion in funds from inside and outside investors. It is the successor to the previous company, SAC Capital Advisors, which was found guilty of insider trading and paid a fine of up to $1.8 Billion. 

How much is Point 72 worth?

Point 72 Asset Management company is a hedge fund managing over $27.2 Billion in assets as of January 2023.

Why is it called Point72?

Point 72 Asset Management company is named after the finance rule “Rule of 72”, a quick calculation to find out how long it takes to double an investment at a fixed annual rate.

How does Point72 make money?

Point 72 Asset Management company makes money by taking long positions on undervalued stocks and short-selling overvalued stocks or securities. However, the most money Point 72 made was by taking positions against stocks and placing bets in favor of an interest rate rise.

Is billions based on Steve Cohen?

Yes, Character Bobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis, is inspired by and loosely based on Steve Cohen.

How did Steve Cohen get so much money?

Steve Cohen founded SAC Capital Advisors, one of the most successful hedge funds. SAC Capital was closed, and now Steve Cohen is the founder of Point72 Asset Management, a hedge fund managing over $27.2 Billion in assets.

How did Steve Cohen get started in finance?

Cohen graduated from Wharton in 1978 and joined Wall Street as a junior trader. He quickly became well-known and used $25 million to start his hedge fund, SAC Capital Advisors, in 1992.

What strategies did Cohen adopt to turn SAC Capital into a major player?

Cohen employed an aggressive trading strategy focused on fundamentals and due diligence. SAC Capital conducted in-depth company analyses to identify cheap equities with significant upside potential. To keep his traders motivated, Cohen also gave them good incentives, such as a cut of their earnings. During its peak, thanks to these strategies, SAC Capital was able to provide returns of more than 30% yearly.

What are some of Steve Cohen's keys to success and wealth creation?

Cohen attributes his immense success and wealth to several factors:

  • Creating a trading plan that emphasizes due diligence and fundamental analysis.
  • Encircling himself with the most talented people in the field.
  • Paying top traders very well keeps them motivated and aligned with profits.
  • Taking big risks that paid off enormously. Cohen wasn't afraid to make large, concentrated bets on stocks he believed in.
  • Learning from his mistakes and losses and evolving his strategy based on experience.
  • Having a passion for trading and constantly staying on top of the markets. Cohen's work was also his greatest hobby.

What controversies has Steve Cohen faced?

Cohen and his hedge firm, SAC Capital, were under SEC investigation for insider trading. They lost a lot of money due to mistakes. SAC Capital was fined $1.8 billion for insider trading in 2013. Cohen was never charged, but the SEC said his fund was participating in illegal activity. Cohen started Point72 Asset Management after the fund closed.

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