10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps for Convenient Shopping

10 Best Buy Now, Pay Later Apps of 2024- Easiest BNPL

Buy now, pay later apps enable you to spend money now and settle the bill later, dividing your payments into manageable chunks. These trendy apps are all the rage, especially among the younger crowd, who love paying in installments instead of all at once. Online shoppers love these BNPL Apps for their flexibility and convenience. In the coming years, 67% of BNPL consumers expect digital platforms to replace credit cards. But which platform is best? This article explores the top buy now, pay later apps.

  1. Buy now pay later apps offer financial freedom by allowing customers to spread out the cost of their purchases, making pricey items more within reach. 

  2. Moreover, these apps provide interest-free choices, making it a pocket-friendly approach to fund purchases. 

  3. As online shopping booms, buy now pay later apps offer a convenient payment solution for flexible shoppers.

What are the top 10 buy now, pay later apps worldwide? 

Take a look at these buy-now-pay-later apps. We've included a little summary of each one and their pros and cons.

1. Paypal's "Pay-in-Four": Best for PayPal user

For businesses who accept PayPal Pay, the "Pay-in-Four" BNPL platform opens up new payment possibilities for consumers. PayPal, the trusted and widely used payment platform, has now ventured into the exciting world of BNPL. 

With PayPal's "Pay-in-Four" platform, businesses can easily offer flexible financing options to their customers. All you need to do is update your checkout process to include a Pay Later button as an additional payment option. After that, the Pay-in-Four financing option is available to consumers with a PayPal account whose purchases range from $30 to $1,500.


  1. There are no hidden fees.
  2. Simplified interface.
  3. Order made easy.


  1. Drives visitors away from your website.
  2. Sky-high interest rates that make customers scream.

2. Sezzle: Best for assisting clients in building credit

Sezzle offers clear solutions, enabling your clients to make better judgments about what to buy and establish credit. With the Sezzle Up program, younger consumers can select credit, and you can assist them in avoiding late penalties. 

Sezzle ensures that your customers' on-time installment payments are reported to credit bureaus. Make a 25% down payment upon ordering, followed by three more payments. Kindly ensure that all payments are settled within six weeks.


  • Attracts clients.
  • Simple to install.
  • The rate of consumer approval is high.


  • Problems with customer support.
  • There may be substantial fees.

3. Sunbit: Best for retailers offering vital services

Sunbit is here to help you with the important task of customer payment segmentation for your services. Sunbit allows enterprises to offer payment plans for in-person services like auto repairs, eye exams, and veterinary care.

It helps you reduce your clients' service costs. Its biggest benefit is that you may now serve clients with bad credit, providing your organization an edge. Using this platform, you can let clients pay for up to $10,000 in services over three to twelve months.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Provides services to in-person businesses.
  • Brilliant omnichannel solution.


  • Applying is required to find out the charges.
  • Down payment needed.

4. Uplift: Best installments in the tourism sector

Uplift allows travel businesses to accept payments. If your e-commerce company serves travel, Uplift's installment options may help it grow. Up to $25,000 can be paid in six to 24 weeks. 

Uplift lets consumers easily schedule excursions and pay for them later. They don't charge prepayment or late penalties, so you may benefit as consumers plan future visits. Due to Uplift, customers may use your website to give friends and family vacations.


  • Simple and seamless customer application process.
  • It makes more people want to book flights.
  • Never charge fees


  • Need more customer support.
  • Problems with refunds.

5. Zip Co: Best for global payments

Zip (previously Quadpay) lets you accept American Express, Discover, and Visa payments from customers worldwide. The platform's customer community may boost company and website traffic. 

Zip Co lets you prioritize your client's needs with convenient payment arrangements that won't hurt their credit. Zip Co allows consumers to set up weekly, bimonthly, or monthly instalments and manage repayment plans. 


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Maximizes AOV.
  • Responsive Platform.


  • There will be no reporting.
  • It's not a demo platform.

6. Affirm: Amazon's top choice for selling

Through multiple payment options, Affirm helps your business when customers buy your products. This is Amazon's preferred BNPL solution. Affirm lets you offer various payment choices on product pages and during checkout to simplify customer transactions.

Choose where to show an Affirm payment message, whether to provide 0% interest financing, and how long to pay. Platform features include Adaptive Checkout. 


  • There are no late fees for customers.
  • Limitless purchasing power for valued customers.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Competition may result in lower prices.
  • Exclusively applicable in the United States.

7. Four: Suitable for Google and Apple Pay payments.

Four allows firms to use Apple Pay and Google Pay to reach more people. The technology simplifies customer enrollment and payment breakdowns without leaving your website. Instead, it gives a simple "buy now" button and allows visitors to continue their purchasing experience on your website.

It reduces transaction friction in your shop by working with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Four lets customers buy your products without a credit check and choose a vendor immediately. 


  • Soaring conversion rates.
  • Easy integration with Shopify.
  • Effortless tracking of orders.

Customer service needs improvement.

8. Humm: Best for big purchases

A BNPL software called Humm helps divide huge transactions. According to the Humm website, this BNPL allows clients to buy "big things." They help decompose purchases up to $30,000. 

Your consumers can pay for larger products over 60 months or in five or ten installments every two weeks. Humm guarantees to pay your firm upfront the next working day. This may matter if your small business relies on these payments. Humm will also pay your firm for consumer returns.


  • Customers can make large purchases.
  • Direct REST API.
  • Simple registration procedure.


  1. Customer support needs work.
  2. High customer fees.

9. Afterpay: Best to Promote Responsible Spending

Afterpay gives your customers a credit limit for your online business and rewards-wise spending. When consumers pay on time, this limit may increase. Additionally, the vendor advises clients on cautious spending.

Afterpay works for in-store and online retailers. A built-in connection makes Square POS systems easily provide BNPL options. You may also buy an Afterpay marketing package to tell your customers you accept Afterpay.


  • Simplified interface.
  • There will be no credit checks on customers.
  • Excellent support for merchants.


  • Some retailers can be denied.
  • High interest on late payments.

10. Klarna: Best for high-end and fashion brands

Klarna offers BNPL solutions for luxury and fashion companies. This site is popular with younger generations who buy premium and fashionable things. Klarna's 30-day repayment option lets customers test their items for free, keep what they want, and return what they don't within 30 days. 

It will let you offer customers a stress-free option and encourage them to complete their orders. Klarna enables you to add accelerated checkout options to product pages for one-click checkout. Remember that this option will cost your firm more. Reduced client decision-making time may justify less effort to finalize the transaction.


  • Well recognized.
  • Multiple checkout options.
  • There are no loan limitations.


  • High late fees for customers.
  • Poor customer service.

What Is Buy Now, Pay Later, and how does it work?

BNPL is a trendy way to shop where you can purchase now and pay later in easy installments. BNPL platforms are gaining popularity as they offer a hassle-free way to shop online without immediate payment. Pay Later apps make big purchases more manageable by allowing customers to pay monthly.

Your payment information will be requested when you join up for a BNPL service. Once accepted, you may immediately begin making purchases, with the platform dividing the total cost of the products into many installments. You could make payments every week, every two weeks, or every month until the sum is paid off, depending on the BNPL service you choose.

It's vital to remember that before accepting your application, certain BNPL services might need to run a credit check. Before registering, read the terms and conditions to understand your expectations.

Tips to Compare Buy Now, Pay Later Apps 

Examining the features and benefits of BNPL services is important. Some things to keep in mind while comparing BNPL apps are:

  1. Examine fees: BNPL apps love to sneak in fees like late fees and interest rates. Before installing any app, completely understand its terms and conditions.

  2. Go through user feedback: Check out reviews and comments of previous customers of a BNPL service before you commit to using it. You may find information on the app's reliability and client satisfaction here.

  3. Reflect on your desires: Every BNPL service has special perks and features that may or may not match what you're looking for, including financing limits. Choose wisely when selecting an app. Ensure you explore its features to secure the ultimate deal.

  4. Analyze different payment options: BNPL services cater to diverse budgets and lifestyles with their payment plans. Compare payment plans to find the perfect fit for your wallet.

Final words

Online customers have been using buy now pay later apps more and more frequently in recent years. These applications provide users with an easy and adaptable alternative to traditional credit cards and personal loans for financing their purchases.

The Best 10 Buy Now Pay Later apps provide a range of choices for consumers seeking a simple and inexpensive method to pay for their online purchases. But before buying anything, consumers must read the app's terms and conditions thoroughly to learn about fees, interest rates, or repayment dates.


What's the purpose of Buy Now Pay Later?
With buy now pay later, you can purchase what you want and settle the bill later. You spread out your payment over a few weeks. It might take longer for larger purchases. No interest on your purchase!

Which BNPL app is the most famous worldwide?
Klarna reigns supreme with 14x more users than any other BNPL service. Klarna reigns as the BNPL king with the most users in the game. The fintech company boasted a whopping 147 million active users. Affirm boasts a whopping 11.2 million active users, securing its second place.

Is Afterpay available everywhere?
Upgrade your Afterpay Card to the new and improved Afterpay Plus Card automatically. Afterpay it. Shop with the Afterpay Plus Card wherever Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay are welcome, both online and in-store.

Is PayPal required to pay in 4?
Pay in 4 is here! Use it at select merchants that accept PayPal. PayPal embraces all currencies, not just USD, for seamless transactions. PayPal works its magic, converting non-USD transactions to USD before offering the Pay in 4 plan.

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