The Ultimate Guide to Building Your House Fund as a Renter

How Do You Save for a House While Renting? (Quick Tips)

A beautiful house is like the stuff dreams are made of. Homeownership is a perfect present you can gift to yourself. But it is a hard and sometimes unattainable thing we dream about. It becomes even more formidable when you are paying rent for another house. 

Smart Strategies: Saving for a House While Living in a Rental Property

This is the most obvious question you might have when you dream of a house, and the answer is yes!

Here are a few steps that explain how to save for a house while renting.

1. Have a good understanding of your finances:

You need to understand your finances well when you dream about something that needs a substantial amount. Your future home is your goal, and you need more money to balance your financial situation.  

  1. A monthly budget is very important to track down where you are spending more and where you can save. 
  2. Write about the other debts and also check your credit score. Try to improve your bad credit before you buy a new home. This will help you crack the deal in your favor.

2. Be firm to save for your house:

  1. Decide to save for your house, open a down payment savings account, and regularly save a particular amount in that account.
  2. The best part is to set an automatic payment to deposit money in that account.
  3. You can even earn an interest on that savings account. Try to get higher interest on your savings account like any online account.

3. Cut unnecessary expenses to save a significant amount:

This might be an appealing option for everyone, but "Many mickles make a muckle"! And even a small amount you save today will count more tomorrow. If you have a habit of spending on binging or gym membership, try to keep it limited. Cut every single cost that makes no sense, or try to keep it cheaper. It will put you in a different place in the future.

4. Calculate how much you want to save:

  1. If you have dreamt about your house, determine the ideal home price and calculate the amount you need to save for a down payment or closed cost.
  2. Also, consider how much you can save for a down payment and how much you will need to take as a mortgage.
  3. Consider closing cost, typically 2 to 6% of the home price.
  4. Be mindful of the inflation.

5. Make more money through sideways:

  • If you want to own a house in the shortest possible time, try to generate additional income. 
  • Freelancing work, starting a small business, or even investing in the stock market can help generate a good side income if your current income source cannot help you achieve your dream.
  • Try to add this side income into a separate account which is strictly dedicated to your dream house.

6. Don't hesitate to change:

If you are serious about saving up for your dream house, don't hesitate to make big changes. Add a roommate to your house to split rent and other expenses. You can even move to a less expensive rental house to save at least a handful of monthly dollars. Your little sacrifices today will gift you a dream house tomorrow!

7. Assistance programs can be a great help:

  1. Many lenders have programs for first-time home buyers that help to cover a portion of a down payment. 
  2. Other assistance like grants or even a homebuyer education course can help you save a considerable amount. 
  3. If you are a teacher or first responder, some programs may even assist you.
  4. Find an assistant program in your area to save a lot for your future home.

8. Get rid of your debts:

  1. It is good to save, but getting rid of your debt as soon as possible is better. 
  2. If you use a credit card or have other loans, they might be the biggest obstacle to saving for a house.
  3. If you have less or no debts, you will likely get approved for one with reasonable rates.

Final words

Saving for a house while paying rent is tough, but it is not impossible. You will need much patience and sacrifices to make your dream come true. As it is rightly said, "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." Your today's sacrifices will pay you in the future. Try to add more funds to your dedicated Dreamhouse account and search for other sources of income to generate more money for your future House down payment.

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10 Dec, 2023


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