Top Ten Most Affordable U.S. Cities to Settle Down In 2024

Us Cities with Lowest Cost of Living: Cheapest Cities to Live

Do you know how it feels to find a hidden gem—something totally unexpected that surprises you? That's how seeing the most affordable city to live in the US felt. Living here with a vibrant food scene, outdoor recreation galore, and a lively cultural district, it feels like you won life's lottery. Green Bay continues to be an affordable haven as the rest of the nation struggles with soaring rents and rising living expenses. You'll be happy if you're trying to keep more money in your pocket each month and pack your bags for America's cheapest city. But we'll keep this a little secret, promise! Let's explore the cheapest city in the USA to live in.

Key Highlights

  • Green Bay is expected to have the lowest US cost of living in 2023. Green Bay, a budget-friendly city 120 miles north of Milwaukee, takes the crown for affordability. 

  • Broken Arrow reigns supreme among the top ten cities, with a soaring median household income of approximately $102,700. 

  • Discover the charm of Manchester, New Hampshire - an affordable gem in New England. The city's high earners bring home $81,900, while only 2.3% are jobless. 

What City in the USA Has the Cheapest Cost of Living?

1- Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Green Bay is expected to have the lowest US cost of living in 2023. Research indicates that Green Bay, which is 120 miles north of Milwaukee, is the least expensive city. Green Bay, Wisconsin, has the 10th-lowest median monthly rent among 223 cities as of March 2023. It was under $870. In addition to food, Green Bay sells affordable clothing, entertainment, and other goods. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research (CCER), which tracks the latest cost of living data, Green Bay groceries and other goods are 15% to 12% cheaper than the national average.

2- Wichita, Kansas:

Wichita ranks second for affordable housing in the US. It scored well in all seven factors, especially for its $971 average monthly rent and adequate mobility options, including low gas prices and public transit. Transportation costs less in Wichita than nationwide by almost 13%. As of March 2023, Wichita's median house selling price was under $210,000, which may appeal to buyers.

3- Rapid City, South Dakota:

In March 2023, Pennington County—home to Rapid City, South Dakota—had the lowest unemployment rate (1.5%) of all the counties we examined for our study. Along with having cheap rent compared to many other parts of the nation, Rapid City has the tenth most economical transportation (about 15% less than the national average). According to statistics from March 2023, the typical monthly rent in Rapid City is $1,278 for all kinds of rental houses and flats.

4- Springfield: Illinois

A total of four measures place Springfield, Illinois, in the top 50 American cities. With a monthly rent of $1,034, it sits comfortably as the 30th lowest, while its median house sales price of $139,000 ranks the 21st lowest. Like Green Bay, Wisconsin, Springfield has substantially cheaper grocery and general store costs than the majority of other places. CCER statistics reveal that grocery prices are a delightful 8.1% below the national average. In comparison, miscellaneous products are pocket-friendly and 13.4% cheaper.

5- Broken Arrow, Okla:

The affordable town of Broken Arrow is in Tulsa County in northeastern Oklahoma. Out of the top ten cities, Broken Arrow holds the highest median household income, coming in at around $102,700. Despite Broken Arrow's higher median house sales price than other cities in our top 10, its citizens can buy homes given their comparatively high wages.

6- Jackson, Mississippi:

Jackson, Mississippi, has substantially cheaper housing expenses than the US average. March 2023 saw homes sold for less than $120,000 on average, with monthly rent averaging at $1,065. Regarding house prices and rentals, Jackson stands proudly as the 15th most affordable city in our extensive search. Moreover, CCER data from the end of 2022 shows that transportation costs in Jackson are 12.8% less than those across the country.

7- Alexandria, Louisiana:

The third Southern city on our list is Alexandria, Louisiana. Alexandria steals the spotlight with its rock-bottom median house sale price of under $64,000, making it the cheapest city in our survey and renting instead of buying? You should budget about $1,100 a month. Additionally, Alexandria's transportation quality is 11.5% lower compared to the national average.

8- Lowa, Iowa City:

Until 1857, Lowa City was the state's capital; after that, Des Moines assumed that role. This explains the city's placement of two significant historical and cultural landmarks, the University of Iowa Art Museum and the Old Capitol Building. It's also reasonably priced. You can get a sweet deal on rent at just $1,200 per month. Also, a whopping $800 is listed below the national average! US grocery prices have taken an 11% dip, while transportation costs have decreased by 7%.

9- Manchester, New Hampshire:

Manchester, New Hampshire, might be an excellent option for anyone searching for an inexpensive city in New England. Manchester's elite 3% earn a handsome $81,900 annually. At the same time, a mere 2.3% find themselves without employment. Living in Manchester costs 12.2% in all three key aspects. Here, it's lower than elsewhere in the country.

10- Iowa's Sioux City:

In 2023, Manchester, New Hampshire, and Sioux City, Iowa, tied for sixth in affordability. Sioux City is 300 miles west of Iowa City on the South Dakota–Nebraska border. Sioux City ranks 44th and 23rd lowest for groceries and other products and services. Recent estimates reveal that Sioux City's average home price is $202,000, $200,000 below the national average.

The Bottom Line

You know the best-kept secret for the cheapest city to live in the USA. Consider moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for the lowest US cost of living. A cost of living index of 80.7 makes Green Bay 20% cheaper than the US average. Green Bay is affordable, bustling, and has a dynamic cultural center, great outdoor activity, and a great restaurant scene. Consider the cost of living, employment market, quality of life, and facilities while picking a place to reside. You may rest easy knowing you discovered an affordable paradise in the US. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any cheap cities in the US to live in?

Green Bay is the place to go if you're searching for affordable housing in the United States. It is the least costly city in the US, scoring 80.7.

Which other US cities have affordable housing costs?

Learn about the long history of Springfield, Illinois; enjoy the beauty of Rapid City, South Dakota; and get to know Wichita, Kansas. Uncover what makes Sioux City and Iowa City inhabitants so energetic. Some of these US places are cheaper. There are many more.

What's the secret behind Green Bay's affordable living?

Green Bay's Midwest charm, cozy size, and thriving job market make a living here affordable.

Why choose Green Bay? Here are some perks!

Green Bay is where life is affordable, the economy thrives, and living is top-notch. Green Bay is home to iconic cultural landmarks like the Neville Public Museum and the legendary Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

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