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Why Should You Do Investing Time to Time? (Full Guide)

While thinking about investing, we sometimes question why we should start investing. For some people, the reason might be to have enough money to live after retirement, and for some, it might be the reason to have a good source of income to have a decent lifestyle. Whatever the reasons,  investing is an important part of making financial decisions, and if you still have questions about why investing is important, below are the simple yet implementable answers that say- investing is very important.

Key Highlights

  1. To begin investing, even smaller amounts can help you earn more money faster due to the power of compounding.
  2. Investing can help you achieve your financial goal, beat inflation and save for retirement.
  3. Inflation erodes your purchasing power, and by investing, you can undo the negative impact of inflation.

Why Is Investing So Important?

Investing is crucial for building wealth, beating inflation, achieving financial goals, and securing a comfortable retirement. It allows money to work for you, generating passive income and long-term financial stability. Here are a few reasons that explain why investing is so important

1. You want to create your own wealth

It is true that wealth could mean different for different people; for some, it means keeping money in their bank account. For some, wealth creation means fulfilling their financial goals and increasing their lifestyle. Investing is helpful in either way. Investing can help pay off your debts, send your children to college, start a business, or save for retirement. You can achieve your goals faster by investing rather than keeping your money in your bank account. Investing helps you build a financial legacy for your generation.

2. Compounding shows its power

Compounding means you earn interest on your invested money and more interest on that interest. Compounding grows your wealth quickly. Compounding occurs when your investment generates earnings, or you receive dividends, which are again reinvested, and these earnings or dividends generate profits. 

3. You want to beat inflation

Inflation means increasing the prices of products or services you purchase over time. It means with the same money, you now buy less than you were buying previously. Investing helps you beat inflation as your money also grows with the inflation rate. Investing makes your money worth more tomorrow than it is today.

4. You want to save enough for retirement

After retirement, your source of income also stops, and it is when your saved money helps you live independently. However, your savings are eroded by inflation, which is where investing enables you to live an independent life after retirement. Investing for retirement is a sensible goal, especially for those who mainly rely on their paychecks.

Is it better to start investing early? 

Starting investing early offers significant advantages. Time allows investments to grow through compounding, generating greater returns. Early investors have more time to recover from market downturns and can take advantage of long-term strategies. Additionally, starting early cultivates financial discipline and builds a solid foundation for future wealth accumulation.

1. Early investing helps you develop your spending habits

When you start investing early, it changes your spending habits. You set a monthly budget where you keep a certain amount for investing and spending. Creating a budget is the first step towards your financial goals, and it helps you track how much money you spend each month on other things. Making it a routine will make it easier to develop your spending habits.

2. You can take more risk while investing early

You can take more risks at a young age than you are older. You can invest in riskier investments as you have fewer financial commitments at an early age. Even if your investment decision goes wrong, you still have time to fix it and move on. You also understand that even though equity is riskier than other fixed-income products, it gives higher returns in the long run, which helps you increase your corpus even with small investments.

3. You get the benefit of compounding

When you start investing early, you enjoy the benefit of compounding as you stay longer in your investment journey. Compounding helps earn interest on your interest, which includes your original investment. It has a snowball effect. The more time you invest money, the faster it will compound and the more corpus you will have at the end.

4. It increases your capacity to accept risk

When you start investing early, you increase your capacity to accept risk, which puts you in a better position to invest in high-risk products like equity mutual funds. These risky products provide higher returns than inflation. On the flip side, if you begin investing later in your life, you tend to choose safer investments, like debt securities.

5. A small amount makes more wealth

When you invest early in your life, you begin by investing from a small amount and investing a small amount at a steady pace can lead to a big corpus over time. You can still increase your contribution when your income increases. A secret behind early investing is to stay constant in your investment journey rather than waiting to accumulate a larger amount before investing.

When should we start investing in life?

We know that investing is an important financial decision, but the most crucial question is when we should start investing in our lives. You are ready to invest when

1. You have a strong emergency fund

When an emergency fund covers at least three months of your expenses, you are ready and stable to invest. An emergency fund is important as it gives you a buffer if anything unexpected happens. When we take investing into consideration, it takes a long time to reach financial goals, and when you have a good emergency fund, you can balance investing and saving. You can also have both.

2. When you have extra cash each month

When you pay all your bills, have high-interest debts, and have enough money to cover your expenses, you are good for investing if you still have some money left on your side. The leftover money can be invested, which will work for you later.

3. When you have committed financial goals

Investing is a journey that is successful when you consistently stick to it. Investing comes with your financial goals; you only achieve the benefits of investing when you have a fixed destination. It may be short-term goals where you invest for your big vacation or wedding or even make a down payment for your house or long-term goals where you save for your retirement or generate a corpus for your young ones.


Investing is a good way to put your money to work and build wealth. No matter how small the investment amount is, it is crucial to understand the importance of investing early. Investing offers lots of benefits. We have covered everything if you have questions about why investing is essential. Let's end with the saying-" time in the market is more important than timing the market". 


Why is investing important at a young age?

Investing helps to take advantage of compound interest. It helps you create who else sooner and faster than those who start investing later.

What are the three reasons for investing?

The main three reasons for investing are making wealth, leaving a legacy for a generation and having financial stability after retirement.

What is the key to successful investing?

The important key to successful investing is constantly investing in a diversified portfolio and staying on the investment journey for a longer time.

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