Are Short-Term Investment Funds a Safe Option for Beginners?

Best Short-Term Investments: Are Short-Term Investments Low-Risk?

Many people consider short-term investment as it helps them save their money in the short term and achieve their financial goals. Short-term investments act as financial cushions that absorb economic shocks in case of contingencies. They are highly liquid investments and can be easily converted into cash without losing the invested value; therefore, they are the most preferred options. If you want to know more about what short-term investments are and the best investments for short-term money, it is here in the bag.

Key Highlights

  • Short-term investments are also known as marketable security. They are investments that can easily be converted into cash within five years.

  • Some of the common examples of short-term investments are certificates of deposits, money market accounts, high-yield saving accounts, treasury bills, and short-term bonds.

  • Short-term investments offer lower returns, but they are highly liquid, and investors get the benefit of withdrawing their funds anytime.

What Are Short-Term Investments?

 A short-term investment means that it can be converted into cash or sold within a short period of time, typically 1 to 3 years. They are highly liquid investments that have a maturity of less than five years and also have the benefit of premature withdrawal. These short-term instruments are beneficial when you want to secure your wealth for a short time or an unknown period. You can use short-term instruments for parking your emergency funds.

Short-term investments are typically less risky than long-term investment options, and they are good options for those who prioritize safety and liquidity. Investing in short-term Investments mainly aims to preserve capital, ensure liquidity, and generate income. Many prefer short-term investments to protect their principles and earn a modest interest. They can also be used to diversify your portfolio and manage your cash needs. 

How Do Top Short-Term Investments Work?

Short-term investment mainly puts your money into money market security like treasury bills, corporate bonds, or other financial instruments. The objective of short-term investment is to earn interest on your investment while maintaining its liquidity. They typically provide lower returns.

Short-term investment options also help banks, companies, and even the government maintain liquidity; at the same time, individuals can also earn interest on their money. They provide regular returns with limited risk. In such an investment option, you buy marketable security, money market accounts, High-yield saving accounts, or stocks that are traded in a low-risk environment. The main benefit of short-term investments is you can sell them quickly or whenever you need them.

Here comes a scenario where you can sell short-term investments. First, when the prices drop unexpectedly, you can sell them quickly to limit the loss. Second, when you face unexpected financial obligations in life, you can turn your investment into quick cash.

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What are the Best Short-Term Investment for Quick Profits?

 A few of the short-term investment options that can help you achieve your short-term goals are: 

Savings Account

 Saving accounts are highly liquid and low-risk investment options that banks and credit unions offer. In saving accounts, any individual can deposit money, earn interest, and withdraw funds whenever needed. However, it is important to note that savings accounts are not known for high returns, but they are a secure place for your funds backed by FDIC insurance. It is a good choice for conservative investors.

Certificates of Deposit

Banks and credit unions offer certificates of deposit. They provide fixed interest rates, and their majority period ranges from a few months to several years. In a certificate of deposit, investors keep their funds in the account for a specified period and earn a higher interest rate than in regular savings accounts. They are low-risk investment options that FDIC insures. Here, it is crucial to understand that any early withdrawal can result in penalties to an investor.

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Money Market Accounts

 Money market accounts are mutual funds that invest in short-term and high-quality debt security like treasury bills, commercial papers, etc. They provide a higher yield than traditional saving accounts. They are highly liquid, making them an attractive option for short-term investors looking for safety and better returns.

Treasury Bills

 Treasury bills are short-term government securities issued by the United States Department of the Treasury. They have a majority ranging from a few days to 52 weeks. They are the safest investment option backed by the US government

Short-Term Investment Funds

Short-term bond funds are another short-term investment option that matures in 1 to 3 years. Governments or corporations issue these in the form of short-term debt. They are less risky than stocks but are relatively riskier than savings accounts, as FDIC or any other government agency does not insure them.

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How to Choose the Best Short-Term Investment Option?

Before you choose to invest in any short-term investment option, it is good to consider a few things apart from safety and liquidity.

Capital Safety: The best short-term investment is the one that keeps your capital safe, for example, savings accounts and treasury bills. It is important to consider parking your funds for an unknown period. Hence, you choose a short-term investment option. 

Liquidity: Liquidity means your ability to turn the investment into cash. If any of your investments lock your money for a specified period, you cannot convert that investment into cash until it matures. The primary purpose of a short-term investment is to provide money whenever you need it. 

Taxability: Short-term investments do not give huge returns or capital gains, but it is good to save on taxes while investing in them, and this is because taxes often eat our returns from investment. 

What Are the Profitable Short-Term Investment Strategy?

A few short-term investing strategies exist to gain more liquidity and ensure better returns.


Laddering means purchasing a series of investments with maturity dates ending one after the other. In this process, you can take advantage of changing interest rates and ensure that funds are consistently available to reinvest on withdrawals. The laddering strategy helps investors to gain liquidity and high returns by managing their short-term investments.

Active Management

Active management means monitoring and adjusting your short-term investment portfolio according to market conditions and investment performance. All you need is to commit your time to have higher returns. You can also consider a financial planner to do it for you.

Passive Management

Passive management means creating a portfolio of short-term investments that remain unchanged for a particular time. It is a cost-effective option suitable for those investors who prefer a buy-and-hold strategy for a limited period. Passive management can provide lower returns than active management. However, it can still give you a stable income and low risk. 

Dollar-Cost Average

Dollar-cost average is an investment strategy where you invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. It is an excellent short-term investment strategy that allows investors to benefit from fluctuations in interest rates or set prices. It is a good strategy for investors seeking to minimize risk and steadily grow their short-term investment portfolio.

Where Should You Invest Emergency Savings for the Short Term?

An emergency fund is a financial safety net that helps people cope with financial stress, such as medical expenses, major repairs to their homes or cars, or loss of jobs. These events are uncertain; therefore, the emergency fund must be liquid. 

One must refrain from putting their emergency funds in investment options that have lock-in periods as their savings get blocked into such options. Any instrument where you have invested for your emergency fund must provide you with the benefit of withdrawing your money anytime you need without getting penalized. The best option to keep your emergency fund is a savings account where you can access it immediately. 

Saving accounts gives you high liquidity during a crisis. However, another important feature of an emergency fund is that it must not be accessible to you regularly. Therefore, investing your entire Emergency corpus in a savings account is not good. Consider investing a part of it in different investment securities that offer higher liquidity as well as significant returns than savings accounts.

What Are Short-Term Cash Investments?

Short-term cash investments are those investment securities investments that have a maturity period of 90 days or less. Some short-term cash investment options are commercial paper, treasury bills, bankers' acceptance, and other liquid investments that mature within three months.


Short-term investments are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and balance risk and reward. They provide stability during market volatility and help you in generating income. But before selecting any short-term investment option, it is good to understand which assets align with your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. There are various investment strategies to optimize your returns. They provide the flexibility that allows you to access your funds quickly whenever needed.

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