How to Lower Car Insurance Rates Increase After an Accident

How Do You Avoid an Insurance Increase After an Accident?

Getting into an accident is a stressful situation where, at this point, we don't even think about our insurance policy. However, if you have been in an accident, you should know it will affect your car insurance rate. The obvious question that must strike your mind is how to avoid insurance increases after an accident. If you are looking for a few similar questions, this is where you will find a quick fix.

Key Highlights

  • Car insurance rate increases when you cause a car accident that damages or causes injuries to others.

  • Some car insurance providers also provide accident forgiveness programs. This can help you prevent any increase in your insurance if you get stuck in an at-fault accident.

  • Your car insurance rate may increase depending on the type of claim and accident you are in. Any accident on your driving record will affect your insurance rate.

  • If you want to avoid increasing your insurance premium, avoid claims if the damage is insignificant. You can file claims for large-scale losses.

How Much Does Insurance Increase After an Accident? 

Whenever you meet an accident, your car insurance rate will go up, but at-fault accidents will have a notable increase than others. If you look at the calculation, the insurance companies calculate these premiums considering various factors, like risk. For insurance companies, at-fault accidents are risky; therefore, your insurer will typically increase your rates if your driving record has at-fault accidents.

However, other factors determine the exact amount of premium increase. These include the type of auto insurance provider, your driving record, claim history, geographic location, age, and gender. If you are a young driver, you typically have high insurance rates because the insurance company categorises you as a risky group to insure. 

Now, the next palpable question is, how much will insurance increase after an accident if the accident is not at fault? Well, this time again, you are on the unfortunate slide because insurance premiums will be impacted even if the accident was not at fault. The insurance company pays to cover your claim, which will increase your rates depending on your state and insurance company. You must consult an insurance representative to know more about how an accident impacts your insurance rate.

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If Someone Hits Me, Will My Progressive Insurance Increase?

If you have Progressive insurance, it's terrible news because Progressive insurance costs often go up after a non-at-fault accident. A study by the Consumer Federation of America says that Progressive, GEICO, Farmers and Allstate are the four biggest auto insurance companies in America and are also known to raise car insurance premiums after not-at-fault accidents. 

The CFA also found that Progressive's average penalty increase for accidents that are not at fault was 16.6% of the annual premium. This is the highest average penalty of any significant US auto insurer.

Will My Insurance Go Up If I Make a Lot of Claims?

If you make a claim, even if the accident was minor or not your fault, it will still have a major impact on your insurance rate. If you file a claim more often, it will directly impact your rates. If you have more claims filed, you will have high rates on your insurance. Another impact is that if you file too many claims in a very short period, the insurance company might not renew your policy.

When you make a claim, your insurance provider pays for those damages and, in return, increases your insurance rate. You have to file claims when they cause a car crash. The insurer looks at your claim history while determining your premium price. If they find that you have a lot of claims, this means that you are a risky driver, and the risky driver means you have to pay higher interest on your insurance.

How Long Does an Accident Normally Stay on Your Driving Record?

The direct answer to how long an accident stays on your record is 3 to 5 years. As a driver, you should do everything possible to avoid traffic tickets and additional accidents.

If you are involved in more than one accident and are convicted of more than one traffic violation, you will have a higher interest in your insurance. It also means you are a high-risk driver who can file claims more often in the future. To cover the risk, insurance companies charge higher rates to such drivers. 

If you look at the average number of total coverage premiums in such cases when an accident is at fault, it will increase by 42%. On the more unfortunate side, if you are involved in an at-fault accident and have caused severe injury or property damage, your insurance rate could even increase more. In such cases, some insurance companies may also deny the renewal of your policy.

Key Reasons Why Car Insurance Rates Increase After an Accident

Car insurance is a way to protect you from paying a significant amount if you get involved in an accident. Well, this is where the car insurance rate is calculated in such a way that the car insurance company is at a low risk of paying. Car insurance rates are calculated based on risk, meaning if a driver is frequently involved in an accident, he violates traffic rules. Hence, to protect itself from losing money, the insurance company increases the rate. The insurance company adjusts the premium if it finds that an upcoming claim might be more risky for the company.

At-fault accidents have a higher premium than no-fault accidents; however, it is also true that any car insurance claim can impact your premium. If you file multiple claims within a short period of time, it means you are a higher-risk driver and ultimately get high rates. However, if you don't claim for an extended period of time, the auto insurance company might drop those rates in future years. Every car insurance company has different policies, and you might get cheaper rates from one; however, you only need to keep your driving record clean to get the lowest rates possible on your insurance.

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Best Strategies to Reduce Car Insurance Rates After an Accident

There are still some ways to get out of high insurance rates after an accident.

  1. Practice safe driving: If you want to recover from an at-fault accident, it is good to practice safe driving. You can consider usage-based insurance, where all your driving actions are tracked, which also scores you and provides tips for improving your driving. If you get good scores, you may also get a good discount.

  2. Shop around: If you think that your insurance prices are too high, then you can compare more car insurance quotes. Shopping around is a great way to save money. 

  3. Search for missed discounts: You can also search for missed discounts while signing up for auto insurance. Some of the everyday situations where you may be eligible for discounts are college students, good students, low mileage, senior citizens, etc.

  4. Improve your credit: Many states in America allow car insurance companies to consider the best credit insurance score while determining the rates. All you need is a decent credit score to improve your credit standing and grab the lowest rate possible on your insurance.

  5. Consider a different car: Insurance companies rate every vehicle differently based on its make and model. If the insurance company finds that the vehicle is expensive, then you may have high insurance on that car. A sports car may be expensive to insure compared to a sedan. Also, safety ratings, materials, repair costs, and other factors may put you into a high insurance slab. If you want to cut down your insurance policy rate, you must get a vehicle that is cheaper to insure.

Final Words

Insurance is a way to protect yourself from any significant damage. However, someone has to pay for the damage, and the insurance company will not always put itself at risk for your faults. The insurer will pay for all the damages and increase the premiums. Ultimately, you are liable for such accidents that you caused. If you have an accident, you might have a few questions, like how to avoid insurance increases after an accident or how much a car insurance premium increases after a claim. All these questions are very well addressed here. However, one thing that must be kept in mind is it is not about insurance or how much you will get the claim. The most important thing is to be safe while driving. 

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06 Feb, 2024


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