List of the Largest Bitcoin Holders Who Own the Most BTC in 2024

Top 10 Bitcoin Holders: Which Company Holds the Most Bitcoin?

Bitcoin today is the most popular and valuable currency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Despite having numerous digital currencies like meme coins and tokens for gaming, Bitcoin has long maintained its position at the top. As the Bitcoin halving event is about to happen, people are including Bitcoin in their investment portfolio as they anticipate increasing the token's price. By the end of 2023, Bitcoin's price was over $45,000, and now it is hovering over $70,000. As many investors are looking to buy Bitcoin, let us explore the top Bitcoin holders in the crypto space. Here, we will look for this list's top 10 largest Bitcoin holders.

Key Highlights

  • The top institutional Bitcoin holders are Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and black rock.

  • Governments all over the world also acquire Bitcoin as a part of their reserve assets or through contestation due to criminal activities.

  • Satoshi Naka Moto, the creator of Bitcoin, holds the most significant amount of BTC, estimated to be around 750,000 to 1,110,000. 

  • Publicly traded companies like Micro strategy, Tesla and Marathon Digital Holding also hold considerable Bitcoin as a part of their investment.

Who Are the Top Institutional Bitcoin Holders (2024)?

Many companies are buying Bitcoin to protect themselves from inflation and diversify their investment portfolios. Some well-known companies that own large amounts of Bitcoin include Micro Strategy, which has about 174,530 Bitcoins, and Galaxy Digital Holdings, the Bitcoin mining company that owns more than 8,000 Bitcoins.

Moreover, private companies also hold more than 1.5% of Bitcoin. One of the most prominent privately held companies holding Bitcoin is MicroStrategy Inc., an American company that provides mobile software and cloud-based services and owns about 140,000 Bitcoins.

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How Many Bitcoins Are Owned by Government Institutions in 2024?

This might amaze you, as the government was quite hesitant to approve the Bitcoin ETF and put about 11 Bitcoin ETFs on hold for approval. However, it is true that governments all over the world also hold a significant amount of Bitcoin, either as part of their reserve assets or through confiscation due to elite criminal activity. However, when the government comes in, it isn't easy to know precisely how much Bitcoin the government owns.

It is believed that the US government's FBI has about 174,000 stolen Bitcoins during investigations like the Silk Route case and from hackers who targeted the Colonial Pipeline. Moreover, the US military service, which sold seized Bitcoin, is believed to have auctioned over 185,000 Bitcoins.

The government of China also holds a large amount of Bitcoin, about 94,000, and Bulgaria has about 200,000 Bitcoins. Recent data also shows that the Ukrainian government has more than 40,000 Bitcoins, while El Salvador, which made Bitcoin a legal tender in 2021, has about 2,381 Bitcoins.

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List of Individuals Who Hold the Most Bitcoin BTC in 2024

Some of the largest holders of Bitcoins are:-

  • Satoshi Nakamoto: Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin and is believed to be the largest holder of BTC. It is estimated that he holds about 750000 to 1,110,000 BTC. This means he has about 5% of the total Bitcoin supplier, which makes it the single largest individual holder of the cryptocurrency currency.

  • Brian Armstrong: Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase and hasn't yet disclosed the exact amount of BTC he holds. However, he is believed to be a big supporter of Bitcoin and holds a considerable amount of Bitcoins as a personal investment. He has publicly announced that Coinbase has approximately 2 million Bitcoins for its customers.

  • Michael J. Saylor is the most popular Crypto influencer. Although he may not qualify as a Bitcoin Billionaire, he is a whale. In 2021, he revealed that he holds about 17,732 BTC. Moreover, his firm micro strategy held 132,500 BTC in 2022.

  • Jack Dorsey: Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, owns personal Bitcoin and has not disclosed how much he owns. He has freely advocated for Bitcoin many times in the past. Dorsey believes Bitcoin has potential and calls it the Internet's native currency. He donated 14 bitcoins to the Nostr project in 2022, which was associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. His company- Block, has also purchased and held Bitcoin. However, there is no exact information about how many Bitcoins he owns.

Bitcoin Holdings by Publicly Listed Companies

If we look at public companies that own more than 264136 Bitcoins, it is more than 1.35 percent of the total Bitcoin supply. 

  • Micro Strategy: Micro strategy is led by Michael Saylor, who holds more Bitcoin than any other public company. Micro strategy has acquired about 205,000 bitcoins, representing 0.9% of the total bitcoin supply. Micro strategy has a unique strategy where it borrows capital and uses it to purchase Bitcoin. With this strategy, the company repays the Fiat debt by selling less Bitcoin in the future. Seeing this strategy becoming more successful, other companies also started mimicking it.

  • Robinhood Market: Robinhood Market is a financial service company that offers stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency trading. It has implemented a different strategy to accumulate Bitcoin and currently holds about 118,300 bitcoins.

  • Marathon Digital Holding: Marathon Digital Holding is a Bitcoin mining company that owns 15,741 Bitcoins; however, the firm sold 766 Bitcoins in March 2023.

  • Tesla: Tesla, a public company, is the third largest Bitcoin holder, hosting 9,720 Bitcoin. Since its initial purchase in February 2021, Tesla has sold about 33,000 Bitcoins.

  • It is a Chinese company and is the second largest private owner of Bitcoin. It owns about 164,000-bit coins, representing 0.7% of the total supply.

  • Grayscale: Greyscale Bitcoin Trust owns more than $20 billion worth of Bitcoin. Moreover, Blackrock, the world's biggest asset manager, holds over $15 Billion worth of Bitcoin. 

Final Words

Bitcoin is at the forefront of the world of cryptocurrency. It has maintained its status, popularity, and availability in the digital world. As the Bitcoin helping event is about to come, investors are also increasing their holdings in Bitcoin to capture those gains. This list of top Bitcoin holders explains why Bitcoin has its evaluability and desirability among investors and why investors are increasing their investment in the currency.

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