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You want to acquire a business credit card to support and expand your firm but need to know how. If you prepare, the procedure is simple. Apply for a business credit card in five easy steps to start leveraging for your business. 

While there are certain limitations, many major credit card issuers make it easy for entrepreneurs and small company owners to apply and get authorized. Building business credit and getting hefty rewards are significant benefits of a dedicated business credit card. Now let's learn - how to get a business credit card in five easy steps and harness it for your business. 

Key Highlights

  • Most organizations benefit from business credit cards. Business credit cards make expenditure monitoring more accessible and accurate for tax preparation and reporting.

  • The card issuer may check your credit report and score to ensure you have good credit. FICO scores of 690 or above are usually required for approval. 

  • No income? No problem! Getting a business credit card can still happen, though it may be tricky. With the correct card and preparation, you can be accepted and establish business credit using your personal credit. 

How to Get the Top Business Credit Cards: Step-By-Step Guide

You'll need a means to pay for expenditures when your firm first launches, which is where the business credit card comes in. Here are the steps to get one in 5 easy steps: 

1- Check Your Personal Credit Score

Check your credit record for errors that might affect your personal credit score before applying for a business credit card. This will boost your card approval chances. You can request more time to improve your grade. 

2- Research the Best Business Credit Card Options

Compare cards to find one suited to your needs. Consider rewards, interest rates, limits, and fees. Popular options include Chase Ink Business cards and American Express Business cards. 

3- Apply for a Business Credit Card

Most of the central banks and credit card companies offer online applications. You'll need details like your business name, address, tax ID, and annual revenue. 

4- Wait for Your Card to Arrive and Use It Responsibly

Once approved, your card should arrive in 7-14 days. Use it only for business expenses and pay on time monthly to establish a good payment history. 

5- Consider Other Business Funding Options

A credit card is just one option. You can also apply for a business loan, line of credit, merchant cash advance, or business credit builder loan. Diversify your funding sources for the best financial health of your company. 

What are the Requirements for a Business Credit Card? 

Some personal and company data must be provided to be eligible for a business credit card. Be ready to provide sensitive information such as:

  • Your Full Name

  • Your Address

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number

To ensure that you have a solid credit history, the card issuer will probably want to review your personal credit report and score. It would be best if you typically had a FICO score of at least 690 to get authorized. 

Keep contact information about your firm close to hand, like your tax ID, address, phone number, and legal business name. Additionally, you must indicate your business type: sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, freelancing, or partnership. Some lenders may ask about your business's revenue and time in operation. 

A business credit card application will usually ask for information such as:

  • Business Name

  • Business Address

  • Annual Business Revenue

  • Number of Employees

  • Estimated Monthly Spending on the Credit Card

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) and/or Owner's SSN

  • Business Structure

  • Business Description

You can still utilize your SSN if your business doesn't have an EIN. Even if you're just getting started, you should keep going. Many major card issuers offer cards tailored for new enterprises. While the limits and perks may be less generous initially, it's a way to build your business's credit from the ground up. 

The application procedure begins after you have the company and personal details. Most applications may be completed online in 15–20 minutes. If everything goes well, you may be carrying a brand-new business credit card in a matter of business days. That's what we refer to as a straightforward victory for your business!

How Hard Is It To Get A Business Credit Card?

Business credit cards are easy to get for most proprietors. You should qualify easily if you have good credit and a few years in business. 

Most major credit card issuers need a personal FICO score of 690 or above to be eligible for a standard business card. The higher your score, the better terms and higher credit limits you can qualify for. If your credit score needs work, focus on paying down debt and limiting new applications before applying for a business card.

Suppose you have many years of business credit. In that case, you may qualify using your company credit score instead of your credit score. However, your credit will matter initially. The good news is that business credit cards can help build your business credit when used responsibly! 

So unless you have bad credit or are a brand new business, getting approved for a business credit card is straightforward. Do some research on cards that match your needs, check that you meet the basic qualifications, and submit an application. With the proper preparation, you'll be putting business expenses on your new card in no time!

Can I Open a Business Credit Card With No Income? 

So you have a business but no steady income yet. Don't worry; you can still qualify for a business credit card. Many major card issuers will check your credit score and history when examining your application. Having a good score and history can help offset having little or no business income. 

Easiest Business Credit Cards for Low Credit Scores: 

  • Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business: No annual fee, cash back rewards. Approval is based primarily on personal credit. 

  • Chase Ink Business CashSM Card: There is no annual fee or cashback. Chase may approve based on your credit score and history. 

  • American Express Blue Business CashTM Card: No annual fee or cashback. American Express is also known to approve applicants with little or no business income, especially if you have an existing relationship and good standing with them.

Tax returns, bank accounts, and pay stubs can prove your capacity to pay. A personal guarantee may be required to cover charges if the firm cannot pay. 

Tips to Improve Your Business Credit Card Approval Odds

  • Focus on your personal credit first. Pay down debt and check your credit report for any errors. 

  • Be ready to provide details on your business plan and financial projections. This shows you have thought it through. 

  • Apply for a card that matches your business needs. Only apply for the amount of credit you really need. 

  • Once approved, use the card regularly and pay on time to build your business credit history. 

  • As your income increases, the request credit limit increases to keep your utilization ratio low. 

Final Words

Now, you know the step-by-step procedure for getting a business credit card. While the process may appear hard, following the primary stages and preparing may make it easy. Do your homework, confirm your eligibility, gather the documentation, and apply to a trustworthy bank that matches your demands. 

You'll soon have a business credit card with benefits to help your firm grow. Stay patient—approval may take weeks—but the rewards are worth it. Get out there, build your business credit, and achieve your dreams! The opportunities are endless.


Who should get a business credit card?

A business credit card is beneficial for most companies. A business credit card facilitates more effortless and more precise tracking of spending, which is helpful for tax preparation and reporting. Access to credit can help financial flow, mainly if income is erratic. Using a business credit card helps your company build a credit history that, with careful management, may help you get future funding and credit lines.

What credit score do I need for a business credit card?

From subpar to exceptional, various credit ratings are eligible for business credit cards. The APR, features, incentives, and credit limit of the cards will vary, and only applicants with exceptional credit will be eligible for the most feature-rich cards. Only secured credit cards—which need collateral—may be available to applicants with less favorable credit histories.

What is a credit limit?

The highest amount that a credit card issuer will permit a user to spend before settling the debt on the card is known as the credit limit. A business charge card, on the other hand, can provide flexibility by having no defined spending limit.

Can I increase my business credit limit?

You may contact your card provider to request a larger credit limit on your card. Additionally, some issuers make it simple to use your online account to seek a larger limit. A temporary increase for a set period of time may also be available upon request.

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