How Much Money Usher Earned from the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Usher Net Worth 2024: $180 Mn Net Worth, Super Bowl Earnings

Usher Raymond, also known as Usher, is a dominant name in the music industry. As a teenager, he has this anticipation of becoming a global star. Usher soon became very famous by selling a lot of music and performing in concerts worldwide. He has earned much money from his music career spanning over three decades. Usher's net worth is worth a mention, but how Usher got famous is more important to know. Here, we will delve into Usher's net worth in 2024 and find out how it dropped.

Key Highlights

  • According to celebrity net worth, Usher is an R&B singer and songwriter with a network of $180 million.

  • The Recording Industry Association of America awarded him a diamond certification for his 2004 album, "Confession."

  • He has also been a judge on the singing competition show The Voice, where he judged two seasons and earned about $7 million from each. 

Usher Net Current Net Worth Overview

Every big music star anticipates performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, which is the best honour anyone can get in the music industry. Now, it was time for Usher to perform at Super Bowl 58. 

According to the celebrity net worth, this successful musician has a net worth of about $180 million. He has been in the music industry for about three decades and is considered one of the important forces in R&B music. Indeed, he has had a long career and global success, with nine studio albums and selling 80 million records worldwide, contributing to his net worth. Still, more is on the way, making Usher's net worth $180 million.

How Did Usher Make His Money?

Over the three decades of long career, Usher has accumulated massive wealth from different avenues. 

Music Career

  • In his 30 years of music career, Ush has made a fortune for himself as an award-winning singer and songwriter. He was the best-selling artist of the 2000s. For his album "Confession" in 2004, he even received a diamond certification from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) after selling 10 million copies nationwide. By 2016, the album had sold 20 million copies worldwide, which also made him want 8 Grammy awards in his career.

  • His tours have also added to his wealth, and in 2011, his OMG tour brought him about $75 million in ticket sales. In 2023, he recently made $40 million from 34 shows at his residency in Las Vegas.

  • He has also been a judge on the singing competition show The Voice, where he judged two seasons and earned about $7 million from each. 

RBMG Records

  • In 2008, he co-founded Raymond Braun Media Group with music manager Scooter Braun.

  • Through this company, they launched today's popstar, Justin Bieber, when he was just a teenager. After RBMG Records was acquired by Harbour View equity partners in 2022, they bought Bieber's music catalogue for about $40 million.


  • He has a lot of investments and endorsement deals on the table throughout his career.

  • In 2005, Usher invested about $9 million and became a partner of the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. He had one person stake in the team. As of October 2023, the team is valued at $3.35 billion.

  • Also, Usher was one of the investors in Jay-Z's platform Tidal, which was later acquired by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2021 for about $297 million. 

  • He also has significant endorsement deals with Samsung, Pepsi, and Mastercard, significantly increasing his wealth.

What Are the Lawsuits Against Usher?

In 2017, Usher faced a lawsuit from Jane Doe, who accused him of exposing her to the herpes virus during an unprotected sexual encounter without informing her of his condition. She initially asked for $10 million but later increased the claim to $20 million for emotional distress and purity damages. However, after years, it was revealed that the case had been dismissed after Usher and Jane Doe reached an agreement described as "amicable". The case was dismissed with prejudice, which means she can't refile the case, meaning she has financially settled. This made Usher's net worth drop majorly.

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How Much Money Did Usher Make from the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

The Super Bowl halftime performers do not directly receive a paycheck from the NFL. Instead, the NFL covers their expenses and paces them based on the minimum rates set by their union. To make their performance extra special, the artists spend money on their own so that they can earn. The artists do not receive any appearance fees. Still, they are paid on the union scale, the minimum amount they get through their performance. 

Usher might receive very little from the Super Bowl halftime show performance, but his music sales are about to explode. According to the data by Forbes, in 2023, super Bowl performer Rihanna's digital album sales were 301%, while her digital song sales decreased by 390%. She has no new song to promote, and recently, Usher released his new song Coming Home just before the days of his Super Bowl performance.

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How Much Money Did Usher Make from Justin Bieber?

Scooter Braun, the co-founder of RVMG, found Bieber on YouTube and made Bieber and Usher meet. Usher's company, RVMG, launched today's popstar Justin Bieber; however, RBMG Records was acquired by Harbor View equity partners in 2022, and Bieber's music catalogue was bought for about $40 million. It means Bieber would have made significant wealth from Justin Bieber.


Usher's net worth is $180 million, which shows his extraordinary talent and commitment to his work. He has invested in music production, investments, real estate, and much more to make his wealth count. He has significantly impacted today's entertainment world, making him an industry icon.


Q1. How much money is Usher worth? 

Today, Usher's net worth is $180 million, and his estimated annual income is $15 million. He is one of the most successful and influential artists in the music industry.

Q2. How much does Usher make per year? 

Usher's net worth is about $180 million, and he earns a $10 million salary from his NFL Super Bowl halftime performance.

Q3. How much is Usher making in Vegas

His Last Vegas residencies have earned him over $100 million from his show. His first residency, Usher: The Last Vegas residency, brought him about $18.8 million, and it sold 84,000 tickets. Usher's second residency, My Way: The Vegas Residency, earned him about $95.9 million after selling 394,000 tickets. This made him about $114.6 million.

Despite having a successful run from Vegas, he is not stopping there. He is gearing up for his first solo headline tour named Usher: Past, Present, and Future after the release of his latest album coming home.

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