How Much Sofia Vergara Earned from Modern Family and Griselda?

Sofia Vergara Net Worth: Sofia Vergara's Earnings From Griselda

Sofia's acting success in minor roles grew into being a lead actress in major films, thus leading to more income for her. Not only that, Sofia's wealth comes not just from acting; she is a smart entrepreneur, too. She has ventured into a wide range of retail businesses, from her clothing line in Walmart to a jewellery collection to perfumes. Despite her personal challenges, including the battle with thyroid cancer, Sofia continues to be a dominant force in Hollywood. From cartoons to blockbusters, she is still a top star in the entertainment field.

Key Highlights

  • Sofia Vergara has become one of the top paid TV actresses. She earned tons of money after the 11 seasons of the show.

  • Vergara has made successful investments in a clothing line, production company, and restaurants, which helped to diversify her income.

  • She has millions in properties in LA and Miami, contributing to her net worth and assets.

What Is Sofia Vergara's Net Worth in 2024?

In 2024, Sofia has a mind-boggling net worth of $180 million. Her journey is an expression of her talent, perseverance and business-oriented principles. Sofia is one of Hollywood's leading stars, and she will remain bright and shine more, motivating those who follow her in her remarkable career.

Acting Career

Vergara is among the highest-paid actresses in the industry and became wealthy in her successful roles on TV and in movies. Vergara posted on Forbes' list of the highest-compensated actresses five times in a row.

Vergara's smash success throughout the American media started on the ABC hit sitcom "Modern Family." The show was aired on ABC for 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020, during which time it won 22 Emmys and one Golden Globe. Vergara was awarded the People's Choice Award and the NAACP Image Award for portraying Gloria and was nominated for four Emmys.

The actress' earnings from Modern Family amount to millions. Vergara was paid between $30,000 and $90,000 per episode in the show's first seasons and eventually made $170,000 to $180,000 per episode after agreeing with her costars on salary negotiations following the show's early success, according to Deadline.

Vergara was earning an estimated $500k per episode by Season 9 — about $10m in total per season. All this way, even the cast negotiated that they receive some of the backend profits of the hit program, too.

Vergara has been on this "America's Got Talent" panel since 2015. According to the reports, as Forbes suggests, the actress collects eight-digit sums (at least $10 million) annually for being a judge.

In addition, Vergara has made many movies that pulled in millions at the box office, for instance, "The Smurfs," "The Emoji Movie," "New Year's Eve," and "Chef."

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Business Ventures

Besides being a known and award-winning actress, Vergara is also an investor and businesswoman. As for Vergara, she has her denim brand, Sofia Jeans, which can be bought at Walmart (WMT) only. 

Together with GG, she started the EBY underwear line in 2018, donating 10% of net sales to Seven Bar, a non-profit organization that helps women build their businesses through microfinance. The technology startup received $6M million in Series A funding in 2021.

In 2023, Vergara also kick-started her cosmetic brand called Toty. WWD said industry sources estimated it would earn 5 million dollars to 10 million dollars in this first year.

Vergara did not only act as an ambassador for the major brands; she co-founded Latin World Entertainment (LWE), a media and entertainment company focusing on talent management, production, and licensing, and partners with Walmart and other brands. On the production side, "Griselda" is one of the newest projects at LWE and one of its most recent Spanish and English language productions.

Endorsement Deals

Vergara had been given many lucrative endorsement deals with the biggest brands over the years. Her ads have been used for brands like Quaker Oats, SnarkNinja's (SN) Ninja kitchenware, State Farm, Comcast (CMCSA) CoverGirl, Diet Pepsi (PEP), AT&T (T) and others.

Through endorsements and licensing deals, Vergara earned a staggering $157 million pretax between 2011 and 2017, of which 60% was the share of those deals, according to Forbes.

One of Vergara's longest partnerships is with Procter & Gamble's (PG) Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo. She has portrayed the brand since 2013, when she signed a $4 million deal with the corporation as per Celebrity Net Worth, which has seen her in several commercials for the brand.

Vergara has brought in $3.5M from CoverGirl, $2.5M from Comcast Xfinity, and $3.5M from State Farm. She has raked in another $3.5M from Diet Pepsi and $2.75M from AT&T, among others, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

According to Forbes, Vergara has licensing deals where she gets royalties and gets a percentage of the revenue after every item has been sold. We're talking about a massive income of over $1 million per year from a deal with Kmart that was paying her to market her clothing line from 2011 to 2015. In 2013, Vergara licensed her furniture collection to Rooms To Go, which sold in 150 U.S. locations.

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How Did Sofia Vergara Get So Rich?

After over three decades in the entertainment industry, Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress, has an estimated net worth of $180 million. She started as a co-host of a Spanish-language program in the 1990s. Following her roles in Four Brothers and Big Trouble, her notoriety soared. Her biggest life change was playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family in 2009.

Thanks to her part as a snob-rich socialite, Vergara became a recognizable personality for everybody. She did well and used her fame to earn $500,000 per episode in the last seasons of Modern Family, making her among the top-paid actresses on TV.

Besides the acting, Vergara adds more than $10 million for endorsement deals with CoverGirl, Pepsi, and Head & Shoulders. She has also made money from her production company, some businesses, real estate, and her profitable clothing line for Walmart. 

At last, with her iconic sitcom that got 11 seasons, blockbuster movies, and smart business moves, Sofia Vergara has managed to amass a $180 million net worth. Her fame and career success are still going strong.

How Much Did Sofia Vergara Get Paid for Modern Family?

Vergara was paid $30,000 for every episode for the first three seasons, but she raised it considerably. However, she received a large salary increase in subsequent seasons. She earned $190,000 per episode ($4 million per season) in season six. Vergara earned $500k for each episode in 2018, totalling $12 million over three years.

She was among the highest-paid actresses with her $10 million "Modern Family" season compensation. She also made money from Head & Shoulders, Xfinity, and Pepsi ads. Sofia has always kept her romances private despite her marriages and divorces. She has a Beverly Hills house and other properties.

How Much Money Did Griselda Blanco Made?

Griselda Blanco is considered to have a fortune of $80 million a month at the peak of her drug empire, which gives her an estimated worth of about $2 billion. Thus, Griselda could earn up to $2.6 million in one day at her peak. It's not surprising that this led to the fact that Blanco would be worth more than the American gangster Al Capone, who was valued at $1.3 billion.


Sofia Vergara was the highest-paid TV actress for years due to her hustle career in 2024. Vergara's Modern Family comedies made her famous, but they weren't her sole source of wealth. In addition, Vergara has built herself a standalone brand, a reality in which she has two clothing lines (currently for Walmart, previously for Kmart), a jewellery line, a shoe line, a lingerie line, a Foster Grant eyewear line, a furniture brand, and fragrances. All the fans love Sofia Vergara so much because of her very unique style of acting. She also won many awards that made her one of the highest-paid actresses.


How did Sofia Vergara get into the Hollywood business?

Vergara was born and grew up in Colombia and then chose a modelling and acting career. Her first on-screen experience was hosting Spanish language shows and Univision specials in the 1990s. She made her cinematic debut with Big Trouble in 2002. Sofía Vergara made her American mainstream debut in 2009 with her role on Modern Family.

How much did Sofía make per episode?

Sofía's cast was offered a raise every year as well as backend deals. They finally got $350,000 per episode paid for season 8, and then they got raises, which went up to $500,000 per episode paid for season 9—and this deal covered them through season 11.

Why is Sofia Vergara so famous?

Her magnetic beauty and charm gave her the perfect credentials to be in the fashion and entertainment industries. Sofia isn't just hype or blings; it is also about glamour. She is more than just a smart businesswoman. She started her clothing line for Kmart and has even co-founded a firm that provides talent management and entertainment marketing services.

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