Rise and Fall of Kanye West's Net Worth and Billionaire Status

Kanye West's Net Worth, Earnings, Business and Investments

Kanye West is a versatile rapper, producer, fashion designer, musician, and, of course, a controversial figure. For many years, he has been struggling to be on the Forbes World billionaires list, and finally, in 2020, he proved this net worth and made it. But what happened next was unbelievable, as he lost some of his significant endorsements and kanye west current net is  $400 million. This is what we will cover and, most importantly, what is Kanye West’s net worth and his major investments.

Key Highlights

  1. Kanye West is an entrepreneur and musician with a lucrative multi-year deal with Adidas but lost after making anti-semitic comments.

  2. After Adidas moved out, brands like Gap, CAA and Balenciaga cut ties with West.

  3. According to Forbes, when Adidas cut ties to West, he lost a significant share of his net worth with the deal valued at $1.5 million.

  4. His current net worth includes cash, real estate, the value of his music catalogue, and a 5% stake in Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand.

What is Kanye West's current net worth?  

West is one of the artists with 160 million records sold, earning him 24 Grammys and 75 nominations. Once having a net worth of about $1.8 billion, Kanye now stands at $400 million. There is a lot behind this major drop in his net worth. According to Forbes, the $1.5 billion of West's net worth comes from Adidas, whereas in October 2022, Adidas took the major $1.5 billion of its net worth and endorsement away from West. The discontinuation of this deal also affected 10% of Adidas's overall annual revenue, which he used to bring billions of dollars per year for the company. Adidas had an initial contract that could run till 2026. Still, it ended 4 years early when he disparaged the brand publicly and made openly anti-Semitic remarks.

How does Kanye West make his Money? 

Despite a breach in the contract between him and Adidas, West still stands at a net worth of $400 million. But how does he make this money counting too much? Most of this money comes from his successful music career, which contains hit songs and albums. He conducts yearly concert tours, product deals, and endorsements, making him $185 million in 2020 and one of the highest-paid superstars. 

Like all other rappers and music composers, Kanye West has a fashion venture called Yeezy that was called out as a line of sneakers. Even though his net worth has fluctuated majorly, he still can make money from numerous sources by undertaking various business projects, partnerships, and endorsements. His current fortune comes from cash, real estate, the value of his music catalogue, and a 5% stake in his ex-wife’s, Kim Kardashians, shapewear brand Skims.

According to Billboard, West music collection produced about $13.25 million in publishing royalties each year, of which he received $5 million. He receives a 5% share from Skims, estimated to be worth $128 million. He released 12 studio albums, two of which brought him $31 million and $51 million respectively.

Kanye's Vast Properties and Investment Overview 

  1. If you look at the reports given by Forbes, it says Kanye had $17 million in cash and $35 million in equities as of April 2022. The same figure increased in 2021; the estimated amount was $122 million in cash and shares. He also owns shares in his X wife's Skims shapewear company along with the other assets. 

  2. If you look at his real estate assets, he has a property worth $160 million in the US, where his residences, buildings, and lands are included. His real estate holdings include a 320-acre property in Calabasas, accounting for $16 million. He also owns a 6700-acre property in Wyoming worth $15 million, a 1400-acre ranch costing $14 million, and a commercial building in Germany worth $2 million.

  3. His real estate is worth $150 million, of which $120 million is in California and $30 million is in Wyoming. He also restored his childhood home in Chicago in 2023.

How Much Does Kanye West Make from Spotify? 

If we look, Spotify only pays artists a little per stream, which is less than half of one cent. It is the average pay of most artists. However, some artists and labels settle at higher rates after negotiation, around 0.0084. If you look at West’s streams, they are enough for him to earn an uncountable amount. His top 10 most popular songs in October 2021, if he got a $0.0437 estimate per stream, would still have earned $3,747,643. In 2021, he became the first artist to have 10 studio albums, reaching one billion streams on Spotify.

Facts about Kanye West

  1. Kanye, now recognised as a rapper and more, was once a producer who was inspired to be a rapper but was given the cold shoulder when he first played it for Roc-a-fella Records.  Some people laughed at his lyrics. Some filmmakers even looked at him like a producer and kept him around to make beats for their artists.

  2. Kanye has struggled with his mental health, and everyone knows about him. In 2016, after suffering from temporary psychosis, Paranoia, and depression, he was again admitted to the hospital for bipolar disorder. However, he is not medicated for this condition.

  3. He always had ideas that shocked everyone; however, one idea was to be the next President of the USA. He changed his career path and ran for presidential elections in 2020. His presidential run didn't work out, but he still earned 0.04% of the vote during the election.

  4. Kanye got his big break in 2000 by becoming a producer for artists on Roc-a-Fella Records. Jay Z’s album influenced him, which is when Z noticed Kanye's talent, and their bromance began.

Who is richer, Kanye or Kim? 

The controversy around West made Adidas cut the deal with him, significantly dropping his massive net worth from $1.8 billion to $400 million. When we compare his net worth with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian in April 2021, she had a combos of KKW beauty, Skims, TV show endorsements, and much smaller investments where Forbes declared Kim a billionaire. In January 2021, when she revealed the round of funding and got a new valuation for Skims, her net worth significantly jumped to $1.8 billion. Kim Kardashian held the trophy in the race of who is richer, as Kanye is not even on the list of billionaires.

Is Kanye a billionaire? 

Kanye West was once on the world's billionaires list in 2022. After going through the controversies, he lost major endorsements with companies like Adidas, which also did a lucrative Yeezy sneaker partnership with him. It is worth mentioning that his endorsements with Adidas were the lion's share of his wealth.  After the deal was backed off, he lost a significant portion of his net worth. 
Here, it is important to note that in 2021 and 2022, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $1.8 billion and $2 billion, respectively. He was not happy and complained that his net worth was undervalued. He lost major partnerships with clothing retailer Gap and Balenciaga. He is now left with his cash and liquid investments accounting for $100 million, his music catalogue amounting to $130 million, and a 5% stake in the Kim Kardashian shapewear company

Final Takeaway

Kanye West is a successful rapper who has numerous Grammy collections and nominations. According to Forbes, he was once a billionaire, with a net worth of about $1.8 billion. However, he lost major endorsements with brands like Adidas and others due to controversies, dropping his net worth to $400 million. He bravely expresses himself through his music, raising important issues and encouraging millions.


How much money does Kanye West make from albums?

His music collection includes his own releases, those he produced for others, and a GOOD music label that made him $90 million. In 2019, he was the highest-paid person in the Hip-Hop industry; in 2020, he was the highest-paid musician globally with $170 million in earnings.

How much money did Kanye West make from the life of Pablo?

The Life of Pablo sold over 2 million copies. It would have sold more, but 500,000 copies were leaked and illegally downloaded before the album's release, which cost him about $10 million.

What is Kanye West's net worth as of 2024?

According to the celebrity network, Kanye’s net worth in 2024 is about $400 million.

Why is can you know longer a billionaire?

Due to controversies around him, major brands like Adidas cut ties with him, significantly impacting his net worth. As a result, he lost his billionaire status due to a drop in his earnings.

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