How long does it take for cash to be deposited in an ATM?

Depositing Cash with Ease: ATM Cash Deposits Step-By-Step Guide

Online banking is becoming more popular, although traditional banking is better for ATM deposits. Many banks and credit unions accept deposits at branches or ATMs. However, this doesn't apply to all banks. For instance, online banks may need additional processes to deposit funds. Here's a detailed look at how to deposit cash in an ATM. Can you deposit cash at an ATM? 

Key Highlights

  • While some ATMs may not accept deposits, the majority do. 

  • The acceptance of ATM cash deposits is discretionary and standardized across only some financial institutions. However, many banks allow ATM deposits from their network.

  • Some banks charge for depositing money at non-network ATMs. 

Can I Deposit My Cash at Any ATM?

ATMs can usually accept cash deposits. However, there are certain restrictions. The majority of sizable, established banks accept cash deposits via ATMs. Therefore, you should first confirm this. Additionally, it would be best to locate an ATM accepting cash deposits. 

For Example, only ATMs with the "Allpoint+" brand allow cash deposits in the Allpoint network. The inability of many online banks to accept cash deposits might make it challenging to put money into your account. Using an automatic clearing house transfer from a different bank account that accepts cash deposits is one way to solve the problem. 

On the other hand, a few online-only banks accept cash deposits in unconventional methods. For instance, you may add cash to a current account by depositing money at over 60,000 participating stores, such as CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. However, the cost is not zero; Current levies a $3.50 deposit.

How Do You Deposit Cash at an ATM?

While the procedure differs between banks, using an ATM that accepts cash deposits is simple. You only need cash and a debit card to deposit.

  1. Enter your Debit Card and PIN. You ought to see every aspect of your account after logging in.

  2. Select "deposit" from the screen, then select the account to which you want to deposit money.

  3. Enter the bills as directed by the bank. You should either put the banknotes in the included envelope or immediately into the deposit slot. Then, adhere to the on-screen directions.

  4. After counting your cash, the ATM will request that you confirm the amount and the account where it will be placed. When you click confirm, the money will be deposited.

  5. The transaction receipt you get via SMS, email, or printed will record your deposit.

  6. Use these instructions just to deposit money into your bank account. 

How Much Cash Can Be Deposited at an ATM Without Being Flagged?

The Bank Secrecy Act covers a transaction above $10,000. Deposit too little, and suspicions may arise. Especially if it appears you're avoiding the $10,000 limit. The practice of "structuring," which includes splitting up transactions to avoid files that might result in an unwanted paper trail, has authorities and financial institutions on high alert.

For example, With $12,000 cash, you may be tempted to deposit $6,000 twice. Make sure to space out your deposits; otherwise, your bank may surprise you with a report afterwards.

Is It Better to Deposit a Check in Person or at an ATM?

Whether it's preferable to deposit a check in person or at an ATM depends on your particular situation and preferences. Every approach has benefits. When you deposit a check in person at a bank, you may speak with a teller who can help you with any inquiries or worries. It also provides security, knowing your check is directly handed over. 

However, depositing a check at an ATM is more convenient since it may be done whenever even after regular business hours. Furthermore, some ATMs let you scan and deposit numerous checks at once. Comfort, security, and convenience are crucial when depositing a cheque.

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How Long Does It Take for Cash to Be Deposited in an ATM?

An ATM deposits cash the same day or within business days. Although most check deposits post the same day they are made, your bank may take one or two business days to release the first $200 of your check. A few business days should pass before the remaining sum is usable.

Sometimes, there are exceptions to the cutoff hours for using an ATM. You can deposit money until 8:00 p.m. at several banks to count it for that day. Depositing cash might be handy if your bank processes deposits rapidly and it's too late to visit a teller.

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What Bank Allows You to Deposit Cash in an ATM?

There are several choices accessible globally when it comes to making cash deposits at ATMs. Remember that availability might change based on the nation, and a particular ATM location is crucial. Cash deposits are accepted at ATMs operated by a few institutions:

  • TD Bank

  • Bank of America

  • Wells Fargo

  • JPMorgan Chase

  • Citibank

  • HSBC

  • Barclays

  • Deutsche Bank

You might also consider using services like Allpoint, which gives you access to over 55,000 conveniently situated ATMs, to discover an ATM that takes cash deposits. 

Some online banks accept cash deposits, such as Alliant Credit Union, Axos Bank, Bluevine, Capital One, Chime, Current, LendingClub, and NBKC Bank. It's recommended that you check with your bank or refer to the bank's website to confirm if they offer cash deposit services at their ATMs.

How Do I Find a Deposit Cash ATM Near Me?

ATMs that allow cash deposits are present in several regions:

Bank Branches

The most straightforward approach to locating ATMs that accept cash deposits is to visit your bank's branch. Ask your bank whether any surrounding branches have ATMs.

ATM Network Partnerships

Several banks collaborate with other financial institutions or ATM networks to increase their reach. Check whether your bank has a relationship with any other network, such as CO-OP or Allpoint+, that provides cash deposit ATMs.

Online ATM Locators

Some applications and websites focus on offering thorough ATM locating services, and you may refine your search by selecting ATMs that accept cash deposits. One such filter is for ATMs that accept deposits in the MoneyPass ATM locator.

Customer Service Hotline

You may always call your bank's customer service number if you need help finding ATMs that accept cash deposits. Representatives can provide information on neighbouring ATMs and whether or not they accept cash deposits.

Final Words

ATMs are ideal for cash deposits. If you reside near a large bank ATM, depositing money may be simple. Many Internet banks cannot handle cash deposits. However, there are various options. Before depositing, ask your bank about ATMs and costs.

ATMs must be in-network or bank-affiliated to deposit cash. An online bank without a partner ATM network may feature mobile check deposit facilities that process cashier's checks drawn to you or cash deposit sites at specified retail locations. You may learn about your bank's fees, deposit limits, and ATM locations by reading their ATM cash deposit policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deposit cash at an atm?

Not every ATM takes out-of-network deposits, nor does every ATM accept cash deposits. Find an ATM that takes deposits and determine whether it's part of your network by researching. If not, determine what costs you could incur when using the equipment.

How soon will ATM cash be available?

If you deposit money at an ATM outside the network, it cannot show up in your account for a few business days. Deposits made at in-network or branch ATMs are typically accessible the same or the following day. Cash deposits made using no-envelope ATMs may be accessible right away. For precise details about your account, refer to your bank's funds availability policy.

What Is an ATM Deposit Hold?

Certain banks may place a hold on all or part of your deposit, keeping it until the next day or many days. This gives the bank enough time to confirm the validity of your transaction and validate your deposit. It is advisable to hold off on using the money you placed in the ATM until all holds have been released.

Where do I deposit cash?

You can deposit cash in person at a nearby bank location. ATMs may also deposit money into your bank account. You can deposit money orders or wire transfers into an online bank account. A deposit slip lets you deposit cash or checks into your bank account.

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