Step-By-Step Guide: How to Void a Check Online Vs. Manually

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Void a Check Safely and Effectively

Directly depositing your paycheck saves time and effort. Initial direct deposit setup might be intimidating. Employers often request a voided check and a form to arrange direct deposit. They ask for a voided check because a check contains all the necessary details for your employer to ensure your salary lands safely in your account. Get checks online if you don't have any. This article outlines how to void a check. 

Key Highlights

  • The term "VOID" should be written clearly on the face of the check. 

  • This can be done in larger characters throughout the check or smaller letters on the date, payee, amount, and signature lines.

  • Voids are paper checks with "VOID" on them. The check is not a valid payment method.

  • Once you've voided a check, you can either keep it for your records or securely shred it.

What Does a Void Check Mean?

A voided check is just a cheque that isn't good for payments or cash withdrawals from your bank account. You might need to void a check for several reasons, such as establishing online bill payment or direct deposit. 

Voiding a check makes it more difficult for someone to withdraw or deposit money from your account. Ensure you correctly invalidate checks when you're not using them because they include crucial bank information. Here's how to void a check correctly.

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How to Void a Check: Online and Manual Methods

Let's uncover how to void a check in 2 ways:

Online Method:

Voiding a check online can vary depending on your bank or financial institution. The primary steps you can take are as follows:

  • You may access your online bank account by entering your login details.

  • Navigate to the section or menu related to check management or transactions.

  • Please find the check you wish to void, then pick it up.

  • Look for the option to void the check and click on it.

  • Follow any additional instructions or prompts provided by your bank.

  • Confirm the voiding of the check when prompted.

  • The processes may vary depending on your bank's online banking platform. If you need clarification, ask your bank's customer support.

Manual Method:

Voiding a check manually involves marking the check to indicate it is void. Here's how you can do it

  • Get a blue or black permanent pen. These colors ensure the void mark is visible and cannot be easily erased or tampered with.

  • On the face of the cheque, write "VOID" across in big letters. 

  • Alternatively, you can write "VOID" in smaller letters on specific check sections, such as the dateline, payee line, amount line, signature line, and amount box.

  • Ensure that the void mark covers the relevant sections of the check, but be careful not to cover the important numbers at the bottom.

  • Consider making a copy or taking a photo of the voided check for your records before destroying the original check.

Remember, following your bank's guidelines and any specific instructions they provide regarding voiding checks is essential.

Top Reasons for Using a Voided Check

There are several reasons why a check could need to be voided. To ensure no one else uses it, you should have a voided check in case someone has to access and validate your banking details. The most frequent check-voiding reasons are: 

To Enable Seamless Transactions:

For both personal and business purposes, it could be required to forego a check to set up automatic payments. For instance, voiding a check can be a step in the process of setting up automatic payments if your business is in the process and your vendors want to be paid electronically.

Regarding the Direct Deposit:

Direct deposit speeds up payment processing. Your company will need your bank account and routing number to start the procedure. Giving those facts is as easy as voting a check.

Frequent Bill Payments:

Suppose you want to pay your mortgage, vehicle loan, or other obligations online. In that case, you may need to arrange payments from your checking account by sending a voided check.

You may need to invalidate a check that you write and make a mistake. You must invalidate it to prevent someone from cashing or depositing the check if the amount is incorrectly written.

Can you electronically void a check?

Yes, you can electronically void a check in certain situations. A voided check is often required to provide accurate bank account information when making electronic financial transactions, such as setting up direct deposits, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, or electronic bill payments.

To void a check electronically, you must provide the necessary banking information rather than physically marking the check itself. The voided check references the required details, such as the account and routing numbers needed to ensure the correct electronic banking transactions.

How Do You Get a Voided Check If You Don't Have Checks?

You usually have alternative options if you're required to provide a cancelled check but you don't have a checkbook. 

Complete an online application. Some workplaces allow you to use an internet interface to set up direct deposit. The exact details that are generally requested on a paper check include:

  • Your name.

  • Your bank's name and address.

  • The type and number of your account.

  • The bank routing number. 

Have a bank deposit slip handy. You can use a deposit slip from your bank to set up direct deposit. 

Show off a starting check or a voided check. A teller at the bank can print you a canceled check or give you a starter check, comparable to the temporary checks that banks occasionally provide you when you first open an account. Find out what options your landlord, job, or other business accepts.

Final words

So there you have it - how to void a check! Voiding a check can be crucial when establishing financial transitions such as monthly paycheck direct transfers. Checks that are properly voided by putting "VOID" in big letters on the supporting paperwork help lower the likelihood that the check will be cashed. You might be able to submit paperwork, like a direct deposit slip, that contains the essential financial data for the transfer in place of a voided check.


What is a voided check?

Voided checks are paper checks with "VOID" printed in big characters. This means the check should not be utilized for financial transactions. Voiding a check renders it invalid and ensures it cannot be cashed or deposited.

Can I electronically void a check?

Yes, you may need to provide voided check information electronically for electronic financial transactions in certain situations. This typically involves providing the necessary banking information electronically instead of physically marking the check. Voided checks provide precise bank account information, including account and routing numbers.

Can I use a pencil or erasable ink to void a check?

A blue or black permanent pen is recommended when voiding a check. Using a pencil or erasable ink may result in the void mark being easily removed or tampered with, potentially causing confusion or misuse of the check.

What should I do with a voided check?

After voiding a check, it is advisable to keep it for your records or shred it to protect your personal information. It's crucial to ensure the voided check is securely disposed of to prevent unauthorized use.

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