How do I cash out my Chase points

How to Redeem Chase Points: A Step-by-Step Guide

Some credit cards allow us to earn many rewards when we use them mindfully. One such credit card is the Chase credit card, where we get a lot of points but sometimes are not inclined to redeem them. If you are wondering how to redeem Chase points, you have ample available options to use them. Here are a few where you can use most of the benefits of Chase points.

Key Highlights

  • Chase ultimate reward points are valuable as you can redeem them against various options like cashback, travel, etc.
  • If you redeem your points for travel through cheese, you can get 25% to 50% more value.
  • Chase travel cards like Chase Sapphire cards can give you the best ways to use your points.

The simple step to redeem your Chase points is to log into a Chase account. You can use your desktop browser or mobile chase app. Navigate to the ultimate reward portal. To see your rewards, sign up for your account. Click on the ultimate reward portal. It will launch a separate dashboard for your Chase account. You can choose various options to redeem your points, such as cashback, Chase Dining, gift card, pay yourself back, and more. Choose one where you want to redeem your points and select the redemption option. 

Here is an overview of where you can redeem your Chase points

1. Cashback

If you choose your cash back, you get one per cent point of your rewards and the option to deposit your cash into an account you choose. It is similar to any travel credit card you use, where you choose the cashback option while redeeming your points.

2. Dining

If you have a Chase Sapphire Freedom and Ink Business card, you can redeem your rewards, which are Chase Dining. You can also access the Sapphire private dining series if you have a Sapphire credit card. You can utilise a curated dining experience with your redeemed points. Remember that the redemption value can change according to your chosen options.

3. Gift card

You get one per cent per point when you want to redeem your points against a gift card. You can get better value during special promotions if you are lucky. Gift card options can also change and vary over time. The popular options available are Airbnb, Kohl's, Doordash and Ulta.

4. Pay with points

You can also utilise your points with the pay with points option, where you redeem your points while purchasing through or PayPal. However, the redemption option is only worth 0.8% per point. This can be a good way to save cash, but there are better ways to redeem your points, especially when you can redeem for statement credits at 1% per point.

5. Apple store

You can utilise your points by purchasing Apple watches, airports, iPhones, iPad Max, and other accessories. All you need is 20% of the purchase point in Chase Points, where you can use cash for the remaining portion of your purchase. You can compare prices at the Apple Store from the regular Apple website. During the holiday season, you can even see some promotions.

6. Chase, pay yourself back

If Chase pays you back, you can get more valuable rewards after redeeming the statement. All you need to do is spend money from eligible categories, which change over time. The biggest advantage of paying yourself back is your points can be worth more in dollars when you redeem them from statement credit using the cashback method.

7. Travel

It is the ultimate reward portal where you can book travel accommodations from hotels to airlines and even rental cars. If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card or Ink Business preferred credit card, you can get a 20% boost in the value of your points for booking travel through the Chase portal. You can use the Chase Sapphire Reserve for 50% more reward value. The best part about using Chase Sapphire Reserve is you can get 10x on hotels and car rentals if you book through its portal and 5x on airfare. The best thing about using the Chase Ultimate reward portal is if you get short on points for redemption, you can book using rewards and cash together.

8. Transfer to travel partners

You can consider it the most valuable redemption option as you transfer your points to chase travel partners. You can transfer your points to a number of partners in a 1:1 ratio if you have an eligible Chase credit card like Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Business Preferred, or Chase Sapphire Reserve.

What are the best ways to redeem Chase reward points?

  1. ´╗┐Business class and first class airfare: Getting the best deals on business class and first-class seats on international flights can help you get the best from your reward points. You can even get $0.03 per point and much more on these. 

  2. Hyatt hotel stay: Hyatt is a Chase hotel partner where you can get great value from your Chase points. It has an award chart that gives you better prices than other competitors. When you transfer your chase points to Hyatt, you can get even more than $0.02 per point.

  3. Redeeming through the reward travel portal: A travel portal is a useful alternative to transfer your points. You can still book through the travel portal if award bookings are too expensive or unavailable. Sapphire Reserve is the best option; you can get $0.015 per point on travel redemptions.

Final words

How to redeem Chase Points can be the first question that might come into your mind when you have a lot of reward points. You only need to ensure where you want to redeem your points and for what. If you are a travel enthusiast, you have the best option to redeem your points to get the most benefits.


Is it worth using Chase rewards points?

If you like to travel, you can use reward points, the best credit card reward program to choose from. You can get a big bonus and travel redemption for airfare, hotels, etc.

Can I cash out Chase reward points?

Yes, you can cash out your reward points by redeeming them for cashback. Your Chase reward points are worth $0.01 per point when you redeem. However, there are some other ultimate options that you can use in the best way.

Do chase points expire?

No, Chase doesn't expire as long as your account is open; however, you can lose your points if you Close your account or Chase closes your account due to delinquency or suspicions of fraud.

10 Mar, 2024


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