Travis Kelce Net Worth, Endorsement Earnings and Investments

NFL Star Travis Kelce Net Worth: Football Hero to Swift Lover

Fans of Taylor Swift who believe the pop queen made the football player famous may be surprised by Travis Kelce's net worth. But not to those who have kept a close eye on the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce's immense wealth brings home how important he is—and has been for a long time now—in the sports world.

This is a peek into an athlete's net worth in 2024, how he started and more.

Key Highlights

  • Travis Kelce has a reported net worth of $30 million.

  • Remarkably, he makes $14 million annually.

  • Sponsorships with Nike, Bud Light, State Farm, Experian, Pfizer, and DirecTV improve Kelce's net worth.

  • Kelce has intriguing potential to sign big endorsement agreements with his Chiefs contract due to his remarkable performances and vast appeal.

How Much Money Is Travis Kelce Worth?

So, get this: in 2024, Travis Kelce is worth an estimated $40 million. Yes, that's a lot of money. Compared to other football stars worldwide, he's not the richest. I suppose $40 million doesn't go as far in the NFL anymore!

Kelce is paid well; however, his value at the tight end position is much more moderate than that of a good quarterback. For example, according to Sports Illustrated, Jalen Hurts, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and highest paid in the NFL (National Football League), signed a five-year, $255 million deal, which averages $51 million per year. While contracts are almost incomparable, Hurts' contract is about four times as lucrative as Kelce's.

How Did Travis Kelce Get His Start?

So Kelce was quite the athlete growing up. He played all kinds of sports, like basketball, baseball, and football. When it came time to pick a college, he decided to stick with football and went to the University of Cincinnati. He followed in his brother Jason's footsteps - Jason is an excellent Philadelphia Eagles centre. 

Man, Kelce almost threw it all away, too. During his first year at Cincy, he failed a drug test. They yanked his scholarship and kicked him off the team. It came close to being the end of the road for him in football.

But his brother had his back, having Kelce move in with him and talking to the head coach to allow him back on the team again.

I've never really asked how he got me back on the team," Kelce said to Sports Illustrated. That was my brother being a big brother, always concerned about me and ensuring my success story. Kelce's brother was picked by the Eagles that year. Kelce was drafted in the third round two years later by the Kansas City Chiefs, with whom he has won two Super Bowls.

How Much Does Travis Kelce Make Per Year?

Though bonuses, performance, and other contract clauses may raise Travis Kelce's annual salary even higher, he now makes $11.25 million.

How Much Did Travis Kelce Sign with the Kansas City Chiefs For?

So Kelce originally signed with the Chiefs way back in 2013. That first deal was worth around $3 million over four years. Not too shabby. Since then, though, man has proven himself on that field. His hard work paid off because he just agreed to a massive new deal with Kansas City. We're talking over $57 million for another four years! And get this: nearly $23 million of that is guaranteed money. The dude earned himself a nice fat payday with all he's done for that team.

Travis Kelce Endorsement Income

Undoubtedly, NFL playmakers can earn vast amounts of money through endorsements. Kelce is no exception. An Insider article dated September 2023 says he's set to make around $5 million annually from off-the-field earnings.


Kelce has invested in other enterprises outside endorsements. These include Cholula (hot sauce), Hydrow (rowing machines), Indochino (men's apparel), RealTruck (truck accessories), and ThePlayersTV (an athlete-owned media network).

His apparel and nutrition brands, Tru Kolors and Hilo, are his own. He also produces the New Heights podcast with his brother, which earns millions. His business and investment sense pays off, both literally and figuratively.


Travis Kelce signed a $11,250,000-a-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2022.

How Much Has the Kansas City Chief's Net Worth Been Over Years?

Did you know the Kansas City Chiefs are from Missouri? That's so true! They play in the NFL's AFC West.

The Kansas City Chiefs are worth much more now than just a few years ago. In 2021, they were worth $3.7 billion, but in 2023, their value has gone up to $4.3 billion. They have also won championships in the old AFL league and the NFL - two times each! 

The Chiefs call GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium their home. They built the stadium, which cost $375 million, to show their commitment to being the best. 

A long time ago, back in 1960, the Hunt family bought the Chiefs for only $25,000. Their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, signed a massive contract in 2020 that pays him over $500 million over ten years. It was a record deal. The Chiefs have become one of the most popular and successful NFL teams. They have built an extensive fan base that is loyal to them.

Does Taylor Swift's Cat Have a Higher Net Worth Than Travis Kelce?

The multibillion-dollar estimated worth of the American pop diva Taylor Swift, which is higher than the GDP of some small countries, makes her special due to her success in the music industry. Nevertheless, she seems to be not the only rich person.

Olivia Benson, Swift's pet cat, is also said to have accumulated considerable wealth. The cat called Olivia Benson is worth $97 million. The finding has made the cat one of the richest cats on the Earth.

As stated in the New York Post article, Kelce, the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, is worth $40 million. The cat is worth more than Swift's lover, football player Travis Kelce. That is true, nevertheless, as Kelce is going to the Super Bowl.

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Travis Kelce Vs Taylor Swift Net Worth Comparison

In the last few weeks, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been the buzz of the town. Frequently encountered on various trips, fans adore this pair. Among the best tight ends in the NFL these days is Kelce. He is in his eleventh year; he has won two Super Bowls with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, with rumours that Swift and Kelce are dating, people are puzzled which of the two is wealthier. Travis Kelce's estimated net worth for 2024 is $40 million, claims reports. The career of Patrick Mahomes, the star of the Kansas City Chiefs, has been enormously lucrative in football.

The most recent projections state that by 2024, Taylor Swift will have a billion-dollar net worth. A 33-year-old is on the list of richest artists of this generation. Reportedly, Swift makes $150 million a year, which is almost twice as much as Kelce has earned throughout his NFL career.

Swift's annual earnings vary depending on whether she publishes an album or tours, but she is worth much more than Kelce.

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What All Does Travis Kelce Own?

Kelce has several brands and excellent investments. In 2020, food giant McCormick (MKC) bought Cholula for $800 million, making Kelce and other players rich.

Kelce began investing in Alpine F1 in October 2023. In June 2023, He, Patrick Mahomes, Reynolds, and Rob McElhenney bought 24% of the F1 team for $ 218 million (200 million euros).

Front Office Sports reports Kelce's $255 million investment in home rowing equipment company Hydrow last year. Other interests include Casa Azul tequila, PlayersTV, Indochino clothing, and RealTruck truck accessories.

He is Chief of Performance for Hilo Gummies, a nutritional supplement product he helped create in 2019, and Tru Kolors, a sportswear company. Kelce and his brother host "New Heights," Apple Podcasts' top show.

Does Travis Kelce Have a Charity?

Yes, in 2020, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce started the Eighty-Seven & Running Foundation. It aims to create safe play areas and support education programs for disadvantaged kids in Kelce's hometown. Kelce remains closely involved through fundraising, donations, and direct work with children. His foundation aligns with Kelce's passions for learning and fitness. Last year, Kelce won NFL Man of the Year, earning $250,000 for his foundation. 

Final Words

As one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history, Kelce has made big money during his career. His on-field performance and popularity have allowed Kelce to build substantial wealth. The fact that Taylor Swift is wealthier than Travis Kelce is not really shocking.

The Chief's tight end won't be looking under the couch for spare change, but his international pop star girlfriend has the bigger bank account. Kelce is not selling out shows all around the world and having millions of listeners like Swift is. Therefore, it's obvious who is the breadwinner between the two of them.


What are Travis Kelce's NFL career earnings?

Kelce has made slightly over $77 million in his NFL career. Kelce has earned at least $8 million in all but one season, which dates back to 2016. He has played 11 seasons in total with the Chiefs, making his average earnings for each season about $7 million during his time with the Chiefs.

What does Travis Kelce invest in?

Kelce's investments cover a wide range of industries, including the at-home fitness with the rowing machine startup Hydrow, which raised $255 million in funding last year, to ventures in tequila (Casa Azul), sports lifestyle and entertainment content (PlayersTV), menswear (Indochino), and truck accessories (RealTruck).

Who is richer, Travis Kelce or Taylor Swift?

Taylor is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion. And that claimed that her cat Olivia, named after Marishka Hargitay's character in Law and Order: SVU, is valued at $97 million. They say that the boyfriend of Taylor's estimated net worth of Travis is $40 million.

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