How Does Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth Compare to Other Athletes

How Rich Is Cristiano Ronaldo? and His Net Worth in Dollars

Cristiano Ronaldo, the best and richest football player in the world, was born on 5th February 1985 in Portuguese and was once diagnosed with a racing heart. This prevented him from playing football. Today, he is the best player with a net worth of $490 million. A man who loves to win is not just a popular athlete; he is the highest-paid player, and his hard work made him achieve his goal in football, career, business and everything he dreamt about. He is the world's most followed public figure on Instagram. 

  1. In 2023, Ronaldo's net worth counts to $490 million. 
  2. His profession is the main source of income to him. Despite having a tremendous following worldwide, he has mindfully managed his reputation and success as a celebrity. 
  3. He is the most exalted player in the world, creating abundant wealth and success by scoring the most goals.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's net worth?

There are many reasons behind the surprising $490 million of his net worth.

Income from the profession:

He dominates football. At a very young age, he was selected for the national team.  

  1. His career got a boost after getting selected for Manchester United, and he became the first Portuguese player to play for the club. He cracked the first deal of $15.6 million and signed a 5 years contract with the team worth $31 million.
  2. In 2009, he left Manchester United and signed a deal with Real Madrid for $150 million. The deal not only made him more money but also shoved his career. 
  3. In July 2018, he bid farewell to Real Madrid and joined Juventus for $138 million. Despite having a cut compared to the previous club, he became the second highest-paid athlete in 2019. 

Income from Endorsements:  

His hard work and wins let him enter the game of fame, and the value of his name gradually increased. 

  1. Real Madrid sent countless deals and endorsements to him. Many companies were running for him to be the face of their products, like sportswear, telecommunications, oil, airlines, steel, pharma, gaming and whatnot. 
  2. As of June 2019, 40% of his overall income was made from endorsements, which is roughly counts for $44 million.

The lifetime Nike deal:

Ronaldo, in total, has 31 sponsorship deals with different companies. But the Nike deal sets him apart.

  1. Ronaldo received his first Nike deal in 2003. Till 2007, he was paid $5.09 million annually. The contract was renewed in 2010, and he received $8.05 million.
  2. His earnings rose to $23.7 million when the two signed another deal in 2014. Ronaldo became the favourite of Nike, and again, in 2016, they dealt for $30 million per year.
  3. In the same year, Ronaldo made a lifetime contract with Nike for $1 billion in an exclusive deal. 

Income from Social Media:

His official Instagram has about 172 million followers. He earns about $750,000 for every brand sponsor post. 

  1. Cristiano! A Businessman, too: CR7 is not just a symbol to flash on Ronaldo. It is a business named after his initials and Jersy's number. The venture is a profitable business in luxury innerwear, a clothing line for boys and men, shoes and fragrances. 

His investments:

In 2015, he invested $40 million in Pestana Hotel Group. He became the hotel chain owner after this investment.

  • He also owns a gym. In 2016, he partnered with a US health company to open his first gym in Madrid. 
  • He also holds a hair transplant clinic in Spain named Insparya.

Real estate investments:

  1. He is the owner of an 8-bedroom villa located in the heart of Turin, Italy. 
  2. He also owns a home in New York worth $18.5 million, which he purchased in 2015.

His thrilling car collection:

He possesses the most expensive Bugatti Chiron, worth $4.7 million. It is one of the 500 units made and has a customized CR7 trademark. 

A few of his car collections are 

  1. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4: Valued at approximately $340,000
  2. Aston Martin DB9: Purchased for $200,000
  3. Rolls Royce Phantom: Acquired in March 2019, with a price tag of $400,000


  1. F430: Worth $300,000
  2. 599 GTB Fiorano: Valued at $310,000
  3. 599 GTO: Priced at $385,000
  4. Ferrari F12: Added to his collection in 2017

Additional Cars: 

  1. BMW M6
  2. Bentley Continental GTC
  3. Audis (Audi Q7, R8, and RS6)
  4. Porsche vehicles (911 Carrera 2S Cabriolet and Cayenne Turbo)
  5. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

He not only drives luxury but flies, too. He has one of the most expensive planes, the Gulfstream G650 private jet valued at around $35 million. The plane is as luxurious as the Cristiano himself. 

Man of heart! Christiano:

 In 2015, he was recognized as the most charitable sports star in the world. 

  1. He used his fame in good faith. He donated $83,000 to a 10-year-old boy for his brain surgery. 
  2. He has donated $165,000 to a cancer center that has treated his mother. 
  3. He has also supported UNICEF, World Vision, and Save the Children. 
  4. He has also donated to and promoted causes like childhood hunger, obesity, diversity, etc. 


Who is the richest Ronaldo or Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo is richer than Messi. He is also the richest athlete of 2023, according to Forbes. His total net worth is about $490 million.

Who sponsors Ronaldo?

Apart from Nike, Ronaldo has contracts with Armani, Tag Heuer, Egyptian Steel, Herbalife, Italia Independent, Clear, Castrol, Poker Stars, etc.

Who owns Ronaldo's image rights?

Ronaldo's image right is owned by Valencia's owner, Peter Lim.

How much does Ronaldo's watch cost?

Ronaldo's watch is a "Piece unique, " meaning there is only one like this. The unbelievable price of Ronaldo's watch is around $1,000,000. He has an incredible watch collection of more than $5 million. 

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